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The Story Of Ahmad Yasir: The Man Who Used Instagram To Create His Success Story



Have you used Instagram and noticed that several entrepreneurs and businesses are now on the platform, using it to create a strong connect with their target audience? While one would never have thought of this image-focused social media platform generating substantial business opportunities, there are a few who could foresee this rise. Coming from humble beginnings, Ahmad Yasir was always an ambitious personality, who was focused on being financially independent. His passion for having a business of his own and creating a name for himself found salvation when he began using Instagram to share entertaining content. Full of humour, slapstick comedy, memes, and content around gaming, life, entertainment and other topics, Ahmad’s pages began to generate content that would go viral. And that is where his role as a successful Instagram page owner and marketer truly began!

Before he started his Instagram page, Ahmad was a student of biology and shifted to the United States for his studies. A focused student, Ahmad was poised to make a successful career in whatever he chose, but entrepreneurship soon became his passion. At just 22 years of age, he began creating content on Instagram and started to grow his pages. His hard work, perseverance and passion in his art soon paid off, and he generated organic followers from 0 to a million. Today, his page ‘@Reactions’ has a following of over 5 million, while @’Ghetto’ has 2.2 million followers. Ahmad has been single-handedly managing these Instagram pages and has a flawless track record of creating viral content through positive referrals, organic connections and high-quality content.

Realizing that social media is what he is genuinely passionate about, Ahmad started spending a lot more time learning about each  platform. While Instagram is where he loves to be, the entrepreneur has already started exploring and creating content on Facebook, YouTube and now Tik Tok. Ahmad believes that there is never one single platform that will always be the frontrunner, and it is crucial for someone passionate about  marketing to know each platform.

Ahmad understands how viral content and social media algorithms work, and that has helped him position himself as a social media superstar, who can structure advertisement campaigns for businesses to expand their reach. That is when he started his social media marketing agency, InstaReach LLC, and truly became an Instagram Entrepreneur. Several brands have recognized Ahmad’s talent, and he has gone on to coordinate ads for notable brands. Ahmad started with the ads for ‘Fashion Nova, an edgy fashion brand worn by athletes, actors and artists. Additionally, he has worked for ads on ‘Game of War’, and enjoys creating ads around gaming. This is also why he had a paid sponsorship with PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground), one of the most played games of modern times.

Ask him about what drives him to achieve success, and he has one answer; passion! Being passionate about your dreams is what he believes took him to reach where he is today. Ahmad believes that to be truly successful in creating viral content, having a planned strategic approach seldom works. Connecting with the audience is what truly makes a viral post, and this has to come through passion, as it is hard to replicate these emotions using any kind of strategy.

Today, there are several influencers an social media experts who are thriving and have created a name for themselves. However, while this can seem daunting at times, stories like Ahmad’s tell you how effective it is when leveraged correctly. If you are looking for some inspiration to start your marketing empire, the easiest way is to get started, believe and be 100% passionate about it. And while you are at it, start following others who have already achieved that success to learn the tricks of the trade.  You can follow Ahmad on his personal Instagram account, ‘@Amad‘.

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Instagram Leaders

Destiny Morales Talks Working With Funny Mike!



Destiny Morales Talks Working With Funny Mike!

Destiny “@itsbadkidnena” Morales talks about working with Funny Mike, a well know YouTuber, comedian, and rapper hailing from Baton Rouge. Destiny is a 10 year old influencer/model, when we sat down with her she stated that she was “very excited but nervous at the same time, walking into a building with over 50 plus people auditioning” to get a chance to work with Funny Mike. She went in head held high and still nailed her audition anyways. Destiny understands what it takes to work and persevere through tough obstacles no matter what. She is a prime example of soon-to-be success story, and role model 10 year old setting the bar for her competitors. She could hardly believe she was casted, but expected nothing less considering her work ethic and diligence and being prepared ahead of time for these opportunities and moments. Destiny said her brother @itsbadkidxzavier auditioned with her, which also acts as a confidence booster when you have a loved one with you. 

One of Destiny’s first skits with Funny Mike was called “My brother moved in,” which she claims is her favorite skit because it was one of her first skits working with FunnyMike and learned a lot very fast on how to collaborate with experienced people in the industry. Plus it was “a lot of fun” in Destiny’s eyes, which is always a bonus. 

What are some cool things you like about Funny Mike? Our team asked Destiny. “I like that he is very driven, positive, energetic, hard working and a really fun person to be around. He makes everyone, including us, feel comfortable. He treats us right at all times and keeps the team moving. I love being surrounded by passionate people like Funny Mike. It motivates me even more.”

Destiny has more projects in the works coming up with Funny Mike that she’s choosing to keep under wraps for now and leaves us with a “stay tuned” hinting at us all to follow her on social media for any further updates! This kid is on a track for early success if she continues to stay consistent, she’s definitely a little gem! 

Follow Destiny on instagram @itsbadkidnena!

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Entertainment Artist Tokyoblaison dominates the industry 2021



Tokyoblaison also known as Blaison Comeaux full image

Blaison Comeaux About

Blaison Comeaux born November 24th 1993 in Lafayette Louisiana. He is a celebrity Entertainment Artist who they call “The Jack Of All Trades”. Blaison Comeaux, commonly known as Tokyo Blaison or Tokyo, is an entertainment artist ready to achieve victory in the industry and win the hearts of audiences. This Louisiana artist is creating some distinctive and unique content and displaying it to the world through movies and videos since 2015. Moreover, he is leaving a great impact on his community as well as proving to be a great giving hand.

Blaison Comeaux Biography

He dominated the industry all year . He signed one of the top artist from the Tv show “The Voice” @thevoiceau and “ X Factor” @thexfactor

He’s now the ceo of @faceswithtalent managing 20 models, 3 artist, and comedian. He has worked with some of the top celebrities including Nick Cannon, 50 cent, The Tv show power, Paul Wall, Kirko Bangz, and many more people.

Does he have any ideals or celebs which he inspires the most? Every artist has some inspirational personalities and so does our Tokyo. When asked about it he gave the list of six people; two parents, and four uncles Ray, Gerald, Bookie, and Kevin Faulk.

“My parents gave me life and always wanted the best for me. Yes, my journey was hard because I took the harder routes but it was my route. My father was always a hard worker and so was my mother. My grandfather taught me the definition of family. My uncles were the biggest supporters of my career. They were my support system. My best friend Antonio Andrus was my biggest supporter and had my back. He did not play behind me. He made me continue my journey the way I did. My good friend, Ace, also played a major role in my career. I wanna thank those key people for what they have done for me.”

Following the footsteps of his parents, Tokyo Blaison is working hard. Right now he is doing multiple projects. His biggest upcoming project is a YouTube reality show called Bad Girlz Club Louisiana whose first episode was released three days ago. He is also scheduled to be a part of XXL Magazine this year. Moreover, he received a movie deal which is going to be shot very soon. He shared that he is making more than enough with all these projects. His first contract for a series “Life of an Entertainer” is set to be estimated at over 1.3 million dollars. Besides making struggles, he stays active on social media for his fans.

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Tokyoblaison is one of the biggest faces out of Lafayette Louisiana. He’s the CEO of Club TokyoLiv3 on 2201 Moss street Lafayette La 70501. Not only does he own a club but he also owns a clothing store called “Progearusa”.

Facebook Fan Page:

Instagram: @Officialtokyoblaison
Company Instagram page: @Faceswithtalent

Maddison Milewski Instagram: @maddisonmilewski

Tokyoblaison released Episode 1 on YouTube for BadGirlzClubLa

Here’s the link:

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NicolasJ from Virginia Beach is glowing with talent on Instagram



NicolasJ is an artist from College Park in Virginia Beach, VA. His latest single he put out is called “Be Mine” and his latest Album he put out is called “From Me to You ”. Although NicolasJ is more known for his R&B flow his single “Be Mine” has an Island vibe. You would want to listen and you won’t be disappointed. The College Park native NicolasJ, says “From Me to You” comes from NicolasJ and a message to all people no matter what race, gender, or nationality a person may be. He also has “From Me to You 3” coming very soon and says this will be his best work yet. Look forward to hearing singing and a different type of flow from him. People say that his style of music reminds them of Rod Wave. He refers to his music as “real music” where people can relate. NicolasJ has been around music all his life and what motivates him is his love for music, the excitement on his family members faces when they hear the record and all his deceased family and friends who told him not to give up on music.

Talent is hard to come by in this game as people are staying regular and not original which is only effecting themselves. Nicolas and I only been communicating through Instagram and he’s hungry for success which to me is remarkably inspiring as I can see him independently rising in this game. Make sure y’all stay connected with my man, below is his recent project go stream and engage.


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