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The Three Sides of Niko Gunn: Actor, Model, and Fashion Designer



Born in Bellflower and raised in Lakewood, California, Niko Gunn, also known as NK3, is a fashion designer who has successfully established his clothing business called NK3 Designs. 

Yet designing clothes isn’t the only area where Niko’s strength lies. He is also an actor and model who aspires to reach greatness in the future. 

“I have been drawing and painting for over a decade. I do believe that life is art and art lasts forever. I desire to encourage and inspire the next generation so they will become successful in life,” Niko said. 

He started his career as an actor, fashion designer, and model by surrounding himself with the right people who share the same acting and modeling interests as him. Niko also networked himself as much as he could to get where he wanted to be. 

Niko Gunn: The Actor 

As an actor, Niko started his career by being featured in short films that were submitted to top-notch film festivals.

Presently, he stars in his new movie called “Envy” which is directed by Elijah Garcia and is currently in the works. Niko’s co-star is DJ Battle who plays Niko’s younger brother Cain, while Niko plays Able in the movie.

“We officially start production for Envy on February 27th, 2021. This film is worth the wait and has unexpected twists, turns, and surprises. Envy is directed by Elijah Garcia and he poured his heart and soul into this film and we will give the fans what they want when this masterpiece releases soon,” Niko said.  

Niko Gunn: The Model 

Apart from being an actor, Niko also models for Canadian watch brand DAVINCI XXI and is also the brand’s official ambassador. Customers can use his promo code, “NK3”, for 15 percent off purchases for the watches available only on

But aside from being an official brand ambassador, Niko also has other opportunities that helped further his modeling career. 

“I was personally invited by American Eagle to take a VIP tour in their store and it was an unforgettable experience because I signed my autograph for American Eagle and that meant a lot to me,” he shared. 

Niko Gunn also signed an autograph for Starbucks when his second version of his clothing line “NK3PURGE” released back in September 17th, 2020. 

Niko Gunn: The Fashion Designer 

One of Niko’s personal successes is being able to create his own business and clothing line called NK3 Merchandise. 

This year, he is currently working on releasing a new shirt called “Overcome.” which will be added to his clothing line.

He has his very own exclusive hashtag on Instagram called “#nk3collection”.

Niko Gunn inspires me to be the leader of the next generation. He states “ I want to be perceived & positioned as an amazing, iconic role model for everyone younger & older than me. I will be positioned as the leader of the next generation .”

Gunn also quotes that individuals need to overcome obstacles to succeed in life and the key to life is rebirth because this gives people the ability to reinvent themselves to become a better, upgraded version of themselves. The journey to success also requires him to never give up on himself, no matter how hard or difficult things get in life. Good things take time.

He learned to stay true to himself and he firmly believes in his talents and abilities. 

“My key goals for 2021 are to become a better version of myself every day and to become a millionaire this year. My goal for this year is to become a movie star and to have my @nk3_venom Instagram account finally verified. I desire to get in more acting and modeling gigs so that I gain more experience, and I will feed & take care of my family.” Niko Gunn quoted his top goals that will turn into reality this year.

He gave advice for upcoming actors and explained the true way to become successful; “For the people who strive towards my career path need to focus on being surrounded by positive people who will help & encourage them to get to the top of success. Escape from negative energy because those types of people want to see you defeated in life and want you at their level because they are miserable, so they desire for you to be at the bottom as well. Haters & doubters can not do anything good for themselves so they will do everything in their power to drag you down with them, so the best option is to leave the negative energy behind and chase success & positivity. Social networking is also an important key factor because the more you know people, the easier it will be for your career. For the people who desire to get into acting, bring your absolute best A+ game to the table when it comes to playing any character and escape from your real-life persona, get into the character you are playing as.”

A fashion designer, an actor, and a model. These are the three sides of Niko that he continuously develops to become a better version of every day. By pursuing self-development and his dreams, Niko aspires to someday become a supermodel and movie star so he can provide for his family while inspiring the younger generation to strive for success as he did. 

Get to know more about Niko or check out his clothing line on Instagram. 

Instagram: @nk3_venom

Instagram: @nk3_merchandise (clothing page)

Snapchat Public Profile: @nk3beast8


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