Jileina Santiago is a Jay or a Jello from her native Hawaii. Many people recognize her online as “Jay the model,” a name she uses extensively. Jay has spent her entire life in New Jersey, namely in Camden. She relocated to Florida when she was 18 and has lived there ever since, cutting ties with her family, friends, and other true connections she may have had. 

Beginning of her professional life

Her career seemed to suddenly and unexpectedly take off once she began working. As a child, she often pondered the question, “Who will I be in life?” because she was the type of person who wanted to do everything and anything. Whenever possible, she would prefer to do things perfectly or perform to the best of her ability. However, as time progressed, she realized she was incredibly adaptable and would enjoy engaging in any creative endeavor. What she enjoyed most was her ability to bring images to life. 

If she were to see the results of her creative efforts after completing any given activity, she could be pleasantly delighted. Her self-assurance stemmed from the fact that she had already done things like choosing her attire, doing her makeup, and researching the visual. She enjoys photography and the study of its artistic and symbolic contexts. There was always a deeper significance to every photo she took of me.

Foundation of clothing brand J’Amor 

The Company J’Amor, which is how it’s pronounced in Spanish, is her trademark. J LOVE is what she uses across all of her online profiles. There’s genuine emotion in J LOVE. J. Love links her favorite activities and the gifts she most enjoys bestowing on others. She can remember it in high school as if it were yesterday and figure out the details of this strategy. Jay mentally jotted down ideas for her clothing line, including the name, tagline, pricing points, and quantities of each item Jay planned to sell. There and then, I believe, she spoke to the universe and made everything she had ever dreamed of happening real.

In terms of her wardrobe, she believes that she stands out from the crowd. She believes she has nothing to offer the world in terms of originality. She considers herself in the same way she did when Jay was 13; she has never wanted to be anyone but herself. There are times when she dresses like a boy, times when she dresses like a beautiful grown woman, and most of the time when you see her, she’s wearing sweats and a t-shirt because that’s where she feels the most at ease, and that’s what makes her whole.

Throughout the years, she has progressed from merely taking shots to capturing a creative explosion in her images. She has already become who she aspires to be and is continuing on that path. She was able to motivate herself since she could tell by looking in the mirror that she was unique. After her first successful fashion show in LA Hollywood 2021, she realized that she was only at the start of her career. 

She took a chance and launched her clothing line in 2018, and now that she’s seeing success from her risky decision and is reaching her ideal customers, she knows she made the right choice. These things had been prepared for her, but she understood that they would occur only when God deemed them appropriate.

Advice for Future generation

The advice she gives to the young is not to rush things. No need to rush; we’re all in this together, and every one of us brings something unique to the table. You can accomplish anything in life as long as you keep love, trust, and faith in the forefront of your mind.

Your destiny will always be fulfilled if you have a strong mind and a caring heart. Keep fighting, and never give up! Having your emotions and dreams at heart is the best advice.

Future goals

Goals for the future She intends to devote the next few years to expanding her company ventures and publicizing her more motivational qualities. Prove her worth by highlighting her unique character, desires, and contributions. That girl is ecstatic! There’s so much she wants to accomplish, and she can’t wait for the world to see it. Keep an eye on it.

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