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“The Uprising Legend-Butta Luciano”



At Red X we search and find the hottest artist that deserve more exposure on the net. We have come across an artist from a small city in Pennsylvania that has been making his music into peoples playlist all over.

Butta Luciano is making major headlines in Pennsylvania! We recently discovered his music video “Legend” through YouTube and were immediately blown away! From the tone of his voice to the real gritty musical bars Butta has what it takes to be the next BIG thing. His most recent music video has just released on YouTube entitled “Where You Been” and honestly he creativity as an artist separates his sounds from a lot. Drake is an artist who Sings and Raps and with Butta we can say he is along those same lines with his craft. He has been getting a lot of major exposure through blogs such as Vents Magazine, On The Come Up Mag, Disrupt Magazine and Quite a few more not to mention MTV MUSIC NEWS did a write up about his latest mixtape “Trap Baby 3”. We here at Red X are excited for his journey and hope he succeeds in all his future endeavors. When we spoke to Butta about upcoming music release we were told to stay tuned for a Summer Mixtape. Red X can’t wait to see you succeed more. To tap in with Butta More we have his handles at the bottom of this interview. It was a honor and blessing to have a rising star in the presence blessing Red X. Make sure to subscribe to him on YouTube as well.

@realbuttaLuciano – instagram

Butta Luciano – TikTok

Butta Luciano – Facebook

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