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The world of Waifu Mia – Everything you need to know about this online star



Social media has undoubtedly revolutionized the world we live in today. And for Waifu Mia, it became the medium to express herself and create an impactful personal brand and become the next big E-Girl Influencer.

Waifu Mia is a social media influencer with over 1 million followers on Instagram, 400k followers on Twitter, and over 250 million accumulative views on Tiktok for her content. She has a huge fan following today and hopes to accomplish even more in the future through her entertaining content.

Breaking stereotypes at every stage, Waifu Mia said goodbye to a career path of becoming a nurse and instead made waves in the digital world. Becoming a digital content creator, a social media influencer, and an overnight online star, Waifu Mia believes still she has miles to go.

Waifu Mia is an amazing dancer apart from being brilliant in academics, but her love for the dance art form made her a dance sensation and a force to reckon with.

She has built so much today and hopes to create more, but she did not just get success without facing a lot of personal challenges first. Self-doubt and negativity from peers were just some of the biggest challenges she overcame. Comments like “Stop trying to be an influencer” or “You will never succeed you’re a failure” brought up a lot of self-doubting moments and it took a toll on her mental health. Being bullied in high school and facing negativity and hate on the Internet pushed Waifu into depression. Boys would constantly tease & pick on her.

But like her strong personality she is, she focused on becoming better and healthier and achieving everything she hoped for. The world of social media also gave her comfort and a reason to work hard. Seeing other influencers succeed, pushed her to reject the obvious career path and gave her the courage to chase her dreams.

Waifu Mia is working on building her brand today and hopes to build a real estate company where she can buy properties and build a strong real estate portfolio. She loves dogs and believes they deserve all the happiness in the world. She also hopes to build a charity for stray dogs, where she can find them beautiful and happy homes.

She continues dreaming and inspiring all those young girls and boys who think and dream of making it in the world. She is the perfect example of ordinary people capable of doing extraordinary things!  

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