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There is a Chance, “Slimly!”



MKE super producer & artist “Richy Slims,” releases his long awaited producer album… “A Slim Chance.”

A slim chance. Photo credits: Richy Slims of MKE.

The long anticipated album from producer and artist, Richy Slims has been uploaded to all major platforms. The album consists of other Milwaukee or MKE artists like Chicken P and AMG Peezy. The industry has since changed from the days of early hip hop, with more artists becoming very well rounded as not just artists, but producers, managers and even engineers.

Richy Slims has been creating original music for over 10 years, and is perfecting his craft with each song he makes! This album, along with his previously released album “Zaza & Lemonade,” has solidified him as an artist. Not just a producer or engineer. Further establishing himself as a brand.

Richy Slims Of MKE, photo credit: richy slims

With the amount of music being produced so often, hearing a new sound is very refreshing. Being able to display your mood and emotions positively, through your craft is an amazing gift that he definitely has. Each track on the project gives you new experience. The album, released recently and is available on iTunes:

Richy Slims on Apple Music

Listen to music by Richy Slims on Apple Music. Find top songs and albums by Richy Slims including Bout That Shit (feat.…

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IG: @414_richyslims

He surrounds himself with positive personalities and like-minded individuals, avoiding negative people and energy vampires. This approach has helped him maintain his focus on self-improvement, and it is responsible for his rising popularity in the music industry.

Richy Slimms a multi-talented musician, and businessman who has been in the music industry for past few years. He has made a name for himself behind the scenes for many great and successful artists of this generation. He continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in music production and record label management. 

If you are an artist looking for an independent production house that values creativity and innovation and wishes to collaborate with the best in the business, then Richy Slimms is the perfect fit for you. 

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