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Things To Know About The Artist Kevin Amoh



Kevin Amoh is a brand new artist to look out for in the R&B and Soul scene. His sound is soulful and emotional, but additionally catchy and warm, connecting with human beings via extraordinary lyrics and relatable hooks.

In the interview, he tells us about himself and his career, and how he discovered his passion for music

In an interview with muzique magazine, he also talked about his stage name that how he discovered his stage name, he shared his thought about his name that he always wanted something authentic, unique and easygoing, so the name that he chooses was perfect with the theme, and the name was suitable according to his personality

He also added about his life by saying that he is his biggest critic, so he has to face this side of himself. In the end, no matter what others say, how good he sounds, etc., he also shared about himself more by saying that he is a different person what he looks like on-screen from off-screen, but he knows what kind of personality he has and it is the basic thing in personal life to known about yourself and your personality. Honestly, what he can do and how he can make self-trust grow.

He also tells us about how his music career starts he says he can´t remember a time when he did not sing or dance, it has always been a part of him dancing and singing are just like his 2 best friend with whom he loves to spend the time he also added this that he has been singing all his life, he even can’t tells them exactly how his passion for singing and dancing developed but he tells that the moment that he decided to take it seriously was in college.

He also added that he went to school for economics but he lacked the passion for it. so, he quit economics and In some part of my mind wanted to do music and music was always there whenever he needed someone to talk about, so he chose to try and find a way that he truly loved and had a passion for.

, he discovered his passion for music and dancing so he started as a music artist.

Kevin Amoh is an artist who is loved by millions of people no matter what kind of music genre he works in. People loved to listen to his voice .His voice made people fall in love with him.

He said that there are a lot of talented people out in the world, no doubt and even the biggest or biggest talented person can’t beat them and he also said that he knows at this point that the genera are full of talented people But nobody can do what he can do, in his humble opinion.

He said that he has the power or strength that no one in the world would have.

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