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Three Coaches Whose Stories Are Absolutely Mind-Boggling



From Personal Struggle to Massive Success, These Coaches Are Now Making A Global Impact

Names such as Coach K, John Wooden, or maybe Tom Landry if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan stick out to us, and with good reason. Behind every good athlete, there is a coach who is able to pull the best out of them. This is true in most other industries as well. Whether it’s Steve Jobs, Dwayne Johnson or Elon Musk — there is someone to credit with their success — , but overall, we don’t hear about them. In this article, we will take a look at the stories of some coaches that will most certainly influence the go-getters of this coming generation. Chances are, you haven’t heard of them yet, but you should.

Stéph & Shay: The Power Couple That Turned Their Personal Struggles Into Victory For Thousands Around The Globe

Bestselling Authors and Resilience Coaches, Stéph & Shay

Bestselling Authors and Resilience Coaches, Stéph & Shay

With over a decade of research and an unparalleled focus on mental resilience, Stéph & Shay are guiding people to thrive no matter what life throws their way. Stéph stresses, “90% of people struggle in a recession, and the other 10% thrive. We want to help people be part of that 10%.”

The path to becoming resilience coaches for Stéph & Shay was paved with personal struggles and triumphs, which unveiled the extraordinary strength inherent in resilience. Stéph’s journey as a young entrepreneur, overcoming substantial challenges in his youth, coupled with Shay’s transformation after losing her job and grappling with health and self-confidence issues, formed their collective understanding of mental fortitude and adaptability. These individual experiences instilled in them an appreciation for the incredible potential that lies in mastering mind power.

Now recognized as the world’s #1 resilience coaches by Apple News and authors of the best-selling book “Master Your Mindpower: A User Manual for Your Mind and The Ultimate Guide To Mental Toughness,” Stéph & Shay are dedicated to enabling others to master their mind and live a life filled with purpose, passion, and resilient success.

Their teachings are hinged on three central principles:

Understanding Mind Power:

They help clients comprehend their mental patterns, using the formula E + R = O (Event plus Response equals Outcome). Stéph explains, “We help people detach from their mental ‘parachutes’ — the emotional baggage that holds them back.”

Turning Knowledge Into Practical Skills:

Stéph & Shay emphasize aligning principles, passion, and purpose (the 3Ps), crafting personalized roadmaps. Shay shares, “Once aligned with your 3Ps, we can create a roadmap for where you need to go, teaching you the skills that high-performing individuals utilize.”

Emphasizing the Right Attitude:

They cultivate an attitude of positivity and success, often referencing Sam Walton’s mindset during the 1991 recession: “I’ve thought about it [the recession], and I’ve chosen not to participate.” With this attitude, they are helping others to build resiliency and overcome the challenges that come with facing a recession, overcoming hardship, and other challenges that present themselves in life.

Their life-changing methods are accessible through coaching programs and in their bestselling book, offering a complete toolkit to navigate challenges and build wealth. Learn more at their website.

Miri Rodriguez: The Mindful Mastery of Brand Storytelling

Miri Rodriguez: Storyteller, Brand Consultant, International Keynote Speaker

Miri Rodriguez: Storyteller, Brand Consultant, International Keynote Speaker

Miri Rodriguez has worn many hats during her professional career. With a background in business operations, marketing, and coding, she currently finds herself serving in three main roles. First as a storyteller at the tech giant, Microsoft, she helps their health and public services clients to tell stories that help accomplish their business-specific goals. Second, as the owner of Be Mindful, Be Happy — a wellness shop focused on selling products to help customers find happiness and peace.

Lastly, Miri is an award-winning author and speaker. Through her book called “Brand Storytelling” — she breaks down the steps and strategies to telling a brand story and creating content to strengthen brand engagement and achieve long-term growth.

While it seems that she is on multiple paths, Miri sees her three different passions joining as one — a passion for helping others tell stories that connect to others and help achieve balance in their life. Here’s how it all comes together.

It’s All About Humans

Miri’s approach to business (and life) is deeply rooted in the human experience. “It’s about setting a mindful intent to do business well. If you do that, it extends to your clients and your colleagues.” Whether leading her teams at Microsoft or coaching her clients, she uses this as the base of everything she does. However, before she teaches people to tell their stories to others, she helps them unravel their own by using her three-fold methodology: Learn, Like, and Love. ”You first have to learn yourself, your limitations, your beliefs. Then you learn to like yourself. Become your own best friend. Finally, it’s all about love. Once you know yourself and like yourself, you can start focusing on loving others and building meaningful relationships.”

Learning What Others Love

Whether you’re building a business or seeking deeper connections in a relationship, this is essential to communicating with others. Miri shares, “A simple question you can ask is this: Am I truly being thoughtful here?” This translates to the actions you will take. She referred to the recent actions of companies like Anshuer-Busch, Disney, and Nike. “Everyone is different. Is their audience non-inclusive because they don’t support seeing certain messaging or trends? No, but they are not giving their audience the nostalgia or feeling that they are used to? Are you seeking a new audience or focused on your base?” The takeaway here? Make sure you pay attention to what your audience wants!

Looking To The Future

As the world tilts more towards AI-produced content and increased disillusionment with social media, Miri sees the future of brand storytelling through a lens of empathy and design thinking. “It’s not about ideating and creating mass content anymore, you have to take time to understand your audience and produce content that’s relevant to them. If you can do that, you will always find yourself with an audience.”

To learn more about the methods Miri Rodriguez has used to build brands with Microsoft and help others lean into their personal brand while achieving mindfulness and peace, make sure to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Also, be sure to give her website a visit and stay tuned for her upcoming book release which will focus on more brand storytelling tactics.

Steven Crane: From Homelessness to Helping Others

Steven Crane: Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Philanthropist

Steven Crane: Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Philanthropist

In today’s age, the rags-to-riches stories are often glamorized, stripped of their actual struggles, and presented in a package too good to be true. However, when it comes to Steven Crane, every word of his journey, from a homeless veteran to establishing 7 and 8-figure businesses, and retiring, his story is a testament to human resilience. Through his new book, Crane not only details his journey but also offers guidance to help others climb out of their own trenches. As Crane puts it, “It’s not about quitting your dreams or job, but understanding your potential and working on your own terms.” Here’s his story.

Life After War

Crane’s transition out of the military was sudden and unexpected. The transition was tough, but it was just the beginning of Crane’s remarkable journey. After serving a stellar career in the armed forces, he found himself a homeless veteran. He had every reason to succumb to despair, but he didn’t. Finding solace and purpose in entrepreneurship, he completely changed his life in just five years. Finding his way into entrepreneurship, Crane not only built several multi-million dollar businesses, he also dedicated himself to giving back to others who had a similar start in life.

A Mission to Help Veterans

In July 2020, Crane dedicated himself to helping veterans find the support they needed. Through his efforts, he was able to help veterans gain access to an astounding 2.5 billion in benefits. His passion for aiding those who had served became a driving force in his life. This led to involvement in several other veteran-focused ventures including roles as a financial advisor, career coach, and more. By August 2021, Crane officially retired from the corporate world. He was promptly approached by “Networking in Action,” leading to a new venture that as of March 2022, serves across all major cities in Ohio. The goal? To bring back real networking and relationship building. Crane believes that knowing who you are enables better collaboration.

A Discipline-Driven Approach

Crane’s success wasn’t without its failures. He spent countless hours training and working two jobs around the clock. His motivation came from a combination of determination, faith, and a desire to keep moving forward, even when he felt wronged by his background and the government.

When asked how he accomplished all this, Crane emphasizes discipline. In a world rife with mental illness, decreasing attention spans, and fear, Crane insists on choosing life over darkness. His mantra? “Show up every day, put in work no matter what.” He believes that doing what no one else wants to sets people apart. His approach to developing discipline includes taking baby steps, showing up with a smile, and shedding the mindset that life should be easy.

What’s Next?

As he closes one door and enters a new journey, Crane’s future is promising, though not clearly defined. He currently splits his time between building a business and educating others. In the long term, he aspires to turn more of his attention to educating others through speaking and teaching.

With that thought and the belief that “the world is just a mirror of yourself and your belief systems,” Dr. Steven has released a book helping others to recreate their beliefs and change their life. For more information on his book and other activities, you can contact Dr. Steven Crane directly on his LinkedIn or pre-order his book on Amazon.