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Three Factors That Helped Manuel Godoy Further His Career As A Comic Book Artist



Hailing from New York City, 36-year-old Manuel Godoy is a comic book artist behind the series “Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms.” He began writing the series after he graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. 

Manuel originally wanted to be a video game developer but he did not have the means to finish his first project. He later pivoted to a more sustainable career in comics. Little did he know it would turn out so well.

Several factors helped in the success of Manuel’s Black Sands series. Here are three of them. 

Marketing An Unconventional Genre 

Presently, Manuel is regarded as the only black comic publisher who’s earning millions while telling stories that most people would find “unmarketable.”

The Black Sands series exclusively focuses on Black history, before slavery became rampant, which is an extremely overlooked genre. This allowed Manuel and his team to corner the market. 

“Black Sands: The Seven Kingdoms” features vibrant art that depicts Black characters and culture. Manuel’s work caters to Black parents and students since they can relate the most to the content of his comics. 

“Seeing black parents and their kids so happy about heroes that not only look like them but also connect culturally to a greater legacy,” he said. 

Practicing Professionalism 

Before Manuel became a comic book artist, he was in the United States Army for six years. His time in service imparted him with relevant values that he can use in his new career. 

“I believe my military experience has allowed me to make a sound business with strategic partnerships that allow us to scale. Most CEOs want absolute control, but that limits the ability of the whole,” he said. 

And even though he’s a comic book artist, Manuel puts professionalism above creativity since he’s the type of person to focus on the next corporate milestone. 

The Black Sands team’s present goal is to reach an annual income of $10 million while finishing up the first season of Black Sands, the anime. Once that is done, licensing could go beyond 100 million.

Investing In The Right Things 

For years, the core members in Manuel’s team were only four who helped create the amazing visuals of the Black Sands Universe. But as the comic book series gained traction, they started focusing on controlling costs, acquiring customers at reasonable rates, and hiring great talent at affordable prices. 

Now, they have dozens of people offering their services to develop Manuel’s comic book. 

For more information on Manuel Godoy and his works, visit his Instagram and TikTok accounts. 

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