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Three Values That Has Kept Akimbo2x Focused On His Music Career



For 18 years and counting, Akimbo2x has always been involved with music in one way or another. Born in New York City but raised in Toronto, Canada, Akimbo2x started his interest in music when he was a kid.

He was heavily involved in music during school which later made him realize his passion for music. Years progressed and he further invested himself into the music industry with hopes of being one of the most influential artists for years to come. 

Although the road to success is never easy, Akimbo2x has picked three important values and principles along the way to help him achieve his dreams as an artist. 

“Keep going, never give up, and nothing comes easy. Those three things have kept me focused throughout my music career. It has also changed my view of everything and [I] feel like I’ve become a better person than I was before,” Akimbo2x said. 

Looking At Things Positively 

Another thing that kept Akimbo2x going to his dream of becoming one of the most influential musicians in the industry is by looking at things from a positive point of view. 

“I tend to look at every positive aspect of life because in this world there is a lot of negativity in the environment and I just don’t want to be a part of any of that but a positive, innovative, and creative mindset. If you focus on that you’ll tend to see yourself in a better position than you were once in,” he said. 

From a Hobby to a Career 

Akimbo2x first started his music career in 2016. He didn’t take it seriously at first, only viewing it as a hobby. As time went by, he decided to take it seriously and started handling his music and business as a professional. 

In 2018, his first song called “Some More” gained some buzz in his local area. This motivated him to continue his passion for music and stay focused on the same goal. 

He would later perform for the first time on December 13, 2019, and release the song WDYM featuring Zatch Silva that’s available on all platforms. 

For the coming year, he is planning to at least release an album by the end of the year just to give something more special to his supporters. 

“An important goal of mine is that I’m trying to be more consistent in terms of releasing music,” he said. 

He is also working on being more interactive with his supporters, making sure that they see from him while he hears from them in terms of feedback so that he can prove himself and move on to the next level as an artist. 
Get to know more about Akimbo2x on Instagram and Twitter.


Music Star

Michael Andre Braxton Releases “Purple In My Cup”




Philly native Michael Andre Braxton shares a captivating instrumental from his forthcoming album. “Purple In My Cup” is out now on streaming platforms. Braxton offers an arrangement of varied melodies and tones. The hard, yet striking bass thumps throughout the track while the violins provide a calming before the storm. This combination executed by Braxton emanates an edgy, cinematic vibe.

Braxton leaves an out the box impression for the track to be interpreted by listeners. The skillfully curated track is awaiting an emcee to deliver thought-provoking lyricism, or the opposite, laid-back, chill storytelling.

Stream “Purple In My Cup” and connect with Michael Andre Braxton below. Be sure to check out his podcast, The Blue Check Podcast. The podcast is by invite only and guests need to be certified on Instagram.

Hailing from DarbyTownship in Sharon Hill, Pa. Michael Andre Braxton is an up and coming Lyricist, Singer/Songwriter and indie film director with a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. Inspired by Hip Hop, Braxton’s music journey began with various underground recordings that surfaced with his work.

He later started to make reference recordings over tracks which amassed a significant amount of interest, bringing Braxton to take a more serious approach in his music. And if you enjoy podcast shows. He’s also the host of the blue check podcast show. The show is by invite only. The only way guests can get on the show is if they are certificated by Instagram with a blue check.

Do you want to learn more about Michael Andre Braxton? You can connect with him through his social media pages:
Official Instagram pages: @getmoneyfilmz215 and @getmoneyfilmzllc

Or alternatively, you can post your valuable comments here.

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Music Star

Meet Rising Entrepreneur, Producer & Engineer “808Spinz”




Meet Harris, most people know him as 808Spinz. Spinz is a 19 year old producer from
Charlottesville, Virginia but grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Spinz has only been making beats for about 5-6 years. He specializes in production and takes passion in creating songs directly with artists. 808Spinz has his fair share of placements, but his love lies in executively producing and watching songs go from one shots to mixed, mastered, and radio ready. We got to connect with 808Spinz & ask him some questions about his come up!

What Made You Get Into Music?

“I’ve always had a passion for music. When I was young my father introduced me to
Eminem, Snoop, and Dre. I fell in love with hip hop instantly. I never learned how to play an instrument, but started making beats in high school. My audio teacher/mentor pushed me to learn new things and let me stay to use the school studio almost every night from 4 to 9. I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on now without him and am forever grateful.”

How Is It Doing Business As A Music Producer?

“I have enjoyed the challenges of working with people who are at different stages of their lives. Many people see my work ethic and hustle, and assume that I am much older. Although, sometimes people assume that because I am young, I don’t understand the business, and think they can take advantage of me.”

In 3 Words How Would You Describe You Sound & Why?

“Atlanta, DMV, and Memphis. I have always loved the Atlanta sound and listened to a ton
of Future and Gucci growing up. Zaytoven, Sizzle, and Metro will always be some of my greatest influences.”

Who Are 3 Major Producers You Would Like To Work With In The Future & Why?

“I’d love to work with Zaytoven, TM88, and Twisted Genius. Their sounds have always been influential and stuck out to me.”

What Are Some Things You Have Coming Up In The Near Future?

“I’m currently working on some singles and a project. I’ve released 2 projects so far, but it’s been over 2 years since I’ve dropped my own music. It’s time for me to put something together. Other than that I’ve got 2 upcoming shows in Georgia with my partner BagTalk Zach. I’ve never had the opportunity to host a show so I’m looking forward to those! Also coming out soon is my new line of merch. In the past I’ve done hats, ski masks, and hoodies. I’m currently working on the design for my new shorts and shirts.”

If you would like to stay tapped in with 808Spinz check out his music/social media links all linked below!

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EEMONTAGA, Fresh Out of Jail, Drops “Never Goin Back” as LP and Life Testament



In the city of “ Brotherly Love,” underdogs have a way of triumphing against all odds. Anyone willing to chase their dreams in this world will be instilled with the mantra that self-made millionaires take no handouts. What makes the 1% of artists succeed where others fail? There is no doubt that the will to succeed is the answer, but not enough to rise above 95% of the rest of the  industry.

 Meek Mills and Black Thought found the blueprint which is producing undeniable fire tracks, which can not be ignored. Many in the industry call this truth. The truth is defined when you listen to the track on repeat, adding it to your playlist, and sharing it with anyone who will listen.

The story of the year belongs to Eemontaga. It is not uncommon for individuals who were previously incarcerated to make the U-turn and return to the penitentiary. Those who have heard chains dragging on the ground, while being led to a cell by a prison guard, can appreciate the impact this can have on a person’s spirit. As a result, ambitions that develop from being released can explode into motion, fuelled by time lost and an unwavering vision to succeed.  

Eemontaga’s “Never Goin Back” LP is a humble reminder to himself that by focusing on his future, he is one step ahead of his past and two steps behind his dream. He has since dropped his music video for his single “Numbers Game,” that has hit 17K plus organic views, completely generated without promotion. The LP is laced full of top rated tracks as the LP opens up with “Pick a Side,” but continues with fire throughout with heaters like“Lamborghini Road Rage,” “Medellin,” and “I’m Sorry.” 

Eemontaga has other videos coming out soon, and he is focused on topping all charts as soon as possible. A lot of buzz is surrounding the album from coast to coast and it is climbing the charts.

You can listen to the album below:

@ Instagram

@ Spotify

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