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Three Values That Has Kept Akimbo2x Focused On His Music Career



For 18 years and counting, Akimbo2x has always been involved with music in one way or another. Born in New York City but raised in Toronto, Canada, Akimbo2x started his interest in music when he was a kid.

He was heavily involved in music during school which later made him realize his passion for music. Years progressed and he further invested himself into the music industry with hopes of being one of the most influential artists for years to come. 

Although the road to success is never easy, Akimbo2x has picked three important values and principles along the way to help him achieve his dreams as an artist. 

“Keep going, never give up, and nothing comes easy. Those three things have kept me focused throughout my music career. It has also changed my view of everything and [I] feel like I’ve become a better person than I was before,” Akimbo2x said. 

Looking At Things Positively 

Another thing that kept Akimbo2x going to his dream of becoming one of the most influential musicians in the industry is by looking at things from a positive point of view. 

“I tend to look at every positive aspect of life because in this world there is a lot of negativity in the environment and I just don’t want to be a part of any of that but a positive, innovative, and creative mindset. If you focus on that you’ll tend to see yourself in a better position than you were once in,” he said. 

From a Hobby to a Career 

Akimbo2x first started his music career in 2016. He didn’t take it seriously at first, only viewing it as a hobby. As time went by, he decided to take it seriously and started handling his music and business as a professional. 

In 2018, his first song called “Some More” gained some buzz in his local area. This motivated him to continue his passion for music and stay focused on the same goal. 

He would later perform for the first time on December 13, 2019, and release the song WDYM featuring Zatch Silva that’s available on all platforms. 

For the coming year, he is planning to at least release an album by the end of the year just to give something more special to his supporters. 

“An important goal of mine is that I’m trying to be more consistent in terms of releasing music,” he said. 

He is also working on being more interactive with his supporters, making sure that they see from him while he hears from them in terms of feedback so that he can prove himself and move on to the next level as an artist. 
Get to know more about Akimbo2x on Instagram and Twitter.


Music Star

Adil C and his journey after his debut album Good Enough



Adil C

Adil C is a Canadian artist, lyricist, artist. In his initial profession, in the wake of delivering his presentation melody Good Enough, his fan base has blown through the roof from that point forward and has been perceived by VIPs like Addison Rae, Scooter Braun, and some more.

After the vocalist’s achievement in all of 2018, Adil C began composing his single ‘Where Are You’. He had composed this tune during the promising beginning of the year and communicated to his fans via online media that he had an immense pop single he’s been dealing with for quite a long time. Coming April 2019, following quite a while of secrets and sneak pinnacles of the new tune, Adil C delivered ‘Where Are You’ which is currently known as perhaps the greatest tune. ‘Where Are You’ was delivered together by Dylan Werle and Adil C.

Late 2019/Early 2020 Adil C flew out to Los Angeles, California to meet with companions, artists, makers, chiefs. After he spent the 2020 new year in LA, Adil C was welcomed by Ricky England to do a visitor vocal execution at Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk where Adil C sang ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber alongside a single by Ricky England called ‘To Be Bold’. Ricky England and Adil C sang all together for his visitor appearance for all of CityWalk.

After he returned to his city in Canada, he started going to many zoom gatherings and calls with Charlie Walk and showed him selective music that he had been chipping away at in the studio. One of those melodies turned out to be Perfect Glow. In March 2020 Perfect Glow was authoritatively delivered. Adil C moved back from the passionate ardent sound he initially had with his initial two deliveries, and zeroed in additional on an elevating fiery dance feel. The melody was additionally created again by Dylan Werle, and Adil C yet this time Dylan’s sibling, Shaun Werle ventured into the creation cycle to help finish and expert the tune. Perfect Glow was another achievement melody for Adil C being gushed over multiple times.

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A Moment Back in Time: The Musical Journey of BeTru and the Late PM



Rap music as a genre traces its roots back in the early 1970s at block parties in New York City when DJs began isolating and extending the rhythm breaks of funk, soul, and disco songs. Ever since, rapping worldwide has become a way for many rappers to transcend the streets and the harsh worlds they come from. Similarly, for Kosovo-born rapper BeTru, Music has been the only thing that has kept him going amid the struggles that life has thrown at him.

BeTru and PM were on the precipice of what seemed like a massive career. Armed with both talent and a hip hop mogul by their side, it was evident they were set for taking the Kosovo industry. BeTru’s musical journey started more than 17 years ago before he met PM. Both musicians, they two bonded immediately over the harsh conditions they faced in their small war-torn nation, as well as their shared love of music. There’s no way to overstate the role hard work and ambition can often play in ascending to the top of the rap game. Right place, right time, and right entourage can all be crucial in elevation. 

Possessing a near unparalleled command of English and a breathtaking freestyle game, BeTru and PM appeared to have all the raw materials acquired to etch their name into the pillar of the great. The duo honed their craft over time; that’s now an afterthought for the overwhelming majority of modern artists. Perhaps that explains why Hip Hop fans favored the pair. Even after PM’s death, BeTru continues to make great music in memory of his brother.

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Get to Know This Coveted Artist Brown Mamba



Brown Mamba is already hitting the music scenes with singles and music projects out of San Diego. He started rapping while in University, where he even dropped a music project, which consists of a nine-song mix-tape that helped him build connections in the industry. He is already a force and an inspiration to many.

Music Highlights 

Brown Mamba is an independent artist and owner of the record label Mamba Mentality. His song Alpha Chi Omega has been used in 250 Tiktok videos. He has further been meticulously networking and has features with Jay Critch, 24hrs, Darrick Ofenloch, and Dylan Reese. To top it up, he just dropped his deluxe album, which ranked at #19 on the iTunes Hip Hop Top 100 and top 200 overall genres. His upscale features eight new songs and 24 songs in total, honoring the late Kobe Bryant. His album Mamba Legacy Deluxe has over 100,000 plays on Spotify. He has further written and composed over 50 tracks.

His Music 

His song Alpha Chi Omega has been used in 250 Tiktok videos. He has further been diligently networking and has features with Jay Critch, 24hrs, Dylan Reese. As if that’s not enough, he has just dropped his deluxe album, which debuted at #19 on the iTunes Hip Hop Top 100 and top 200 overall genres. His exclusive features eight new songs and 24 songs in total, honoring the late Kobe Bryant. His album Mamba Legacy Deluxe over 100,000 plays on Spotify. He has further written and composed over 50 tracks and has started making some serious noise out of Diego

Success Factors

Passion is the main force behind Mamba’s success. it drives him to go past all obstacles to follow his passion. Networking is another. He has established healthy working relationships that have opened doors for various opportunities, such as working with artists and reputable producers.


Brown Mamba has made a name for himself at the age of 25 in a very competitive industry, and anyone willing to follow his course can undoubtedly learn from him. Follow him on Instagram

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