There is an age-old adage that states, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” This wisdom holds true when we consider the profound influence women have had on societies globally, and the unique power they possess in creating transformational change. In recent times, this impact has been particularly palpable in the world of coaching, where women have been pioneering new methodologies and influencing countless lives.

Coaching, as a profession, is a potent catalyst for change. It empowers individuals to discover their potential, push their boundaries, and achieve their goals, whether personal, professional, or societal. When a woman occupies this role, she not only changes the world around her, but also sets the stage for future generations to thrive. Here are three women who have done just that by following a passion to help others.

Sonia Zarbatany: From Fashion Executive to the World’s Number One Transformational Life and Business Coach

Sonia Zarbatany, Speaking on Stage

Transformation is the only constant in life, and Sonia Zarbatany, renowned business strategist and transformational life coach, is an embodiment of this mantra. Having transitioned from a successful career as a fashion executive to becoming the world’s top transformational life and business coach, Zarbatany stands as a testament to the power of embracing change and reinventing oneself. She’s more than just a coach; she’s the ‘Queen of Transformational Coaching.’

Leadership Was In Her DNA

Sonia Zarbatany’s journey in the fashion world began at an early age, working in her family’s fashion company. She climbed the ladder to eventually become the President of the company, where she was responsible for the growth and distribution of the fashion brands their company carried. Over time, she played a key role in transforming her family’s distribution company bringing in international brands such as Guess Jeans, XOXO, Sanctuary clothing and Vince Camuto to the Canadian market just to name a few.

However, after years of running a successful fashion business, Sonia felt the need for a change. She realized her true passion lay in empowering people, not just clothing them. “I loved working with my family, but there was something inside of me that pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and build something new.” That was the moment she decided to leave for Los Angeles and fell deep into the coaching industry.

Leaving It All Behind

In a bold move, Sonia decided to pivot from her well-established fashion career to the world of life and business coaching. “After a stint in LA, I stumbled across coaching and public speaking. ” She set her sights on transforming lives and businesses through her unique brand of coaching, leveraging her entrepreneurial background and personal experiences. Sonia believed she could make a difference by helping others navigate their paths and pivot when necessary, just like she had done.

Sonia’s transition was not without its challenges, but she confronted them head-on. Using her grit, determination, and unwavering belief in her purpose, she successfully established herself as a highly sought-after international speaker from the public to the corporate stages. Her dynamic, no-nonsense approach resonated with a wide range of clients, from individuals looking for personal growth, to. mastering their personal brand, and their public image to diving into AI and online course launch strategies to business owners and corporations seeking strategies for success.

Sonia’s coaching methodologies combine her vast business experience with a deep understanding of human behavior, making her an invaluable resource for those looking to transform their lives, personal brands online and scaling their businesses.

Leaving A Legacy For Others to Follow

Today, Sonia Zarbatany stands tall as the world’s number one transformational life and business coach and a highly sought-after global speaker. Her exceptional work in the coaching space has led to her being consistently invited to speak at conferences, seminars, and workshops around the world for companies from real estate to banking, brokers to MLM, fitness brands to global personal development stages.

Despite the numerous accolades and successes, Sonia continues to stay humble and focused on her mission. “My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the transformation in my clients, and my tribe from helping them discover their true potential and watch them thrive,” Sonia says.

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Madeleine Blanchard: The Mother Of The Modern Coaching Industry

Madeleine Homan Blanchard

In the realm of personal and professional development, Madeleine Blanchard stands out as an influential figure, particularly in the United States. There’s no doubt that coaching is a highly sought-after and profitable industry today. However, that was not always the case. With more than three decades of coaching experience, Madeleine is one of the founders of the modern coaching industry. Since 1989, she has been dedicated to supporting others in navigating their life paths and achieving their personal and professional aspirations. “Coaching for me is not just a profession, but a passion,” shares Madeleine. Here is her inspiring story.

From Acting To An Unknown Career Path

Madeleine’s life took a profound turn in 1989, an event that marked the beginning of her illustrious coaching career. “After having my daughter, I realized psychology grad school wasn’t my calling. I was destined for something different,” says Madeleine. A business mentor saw her potential and suggested coaching as a career path. Spotting an opportunity amidst adversity when her then organization was closing, Madeleine stepped up to provide support to those who needed it. Her efforts soon paid off, culminating in a thriving practice. She later co-founded the International Coach Federation (ICF) with Thomas Leonard, helping to shape and legitimize the profession.

Putting It All Together

Navigating the initial hurdles of her coaching career wasn’t an easy journey for Madeleine. “The first ten years were about defining what coaching really is. We needed to differentiate coaching from therapy, consulting, and counseling,” she says. Her early endeavors in the field led to the birth of Coach U, a platform that outlines what skills a coach needs to be effective. Madeleine then joined the Blanchard company, broadening her impact to organizational coaching and working on transforming systems through individualized coaching.

The Core of What She Does

Madeleine’s relentless commitment and unique approach have yielded significant achievements in her coaching journey. For her, coaching revolves around a profound principle: “Coaching is about listening — really listening — and then asking the right questions to help people see their own brilliance.” Her coaching philosophy emphasizes Focus, Clarity, and Action, with the belief that even the most prominent leaders can change with the right guidance. To ensure her client’s success, she maintains a clear strategy: setting explicit goals, monitoring actions and milestones, and quantifying goal achievement.

Looking back on her journey, Madeleine says, “For me, success is about experimenting with various ways to use coaching in organizations — internal coaching, external coaching, management coaching. I’ve tried them all.” She is now keen on expanding the horizons of her coaching work which extends to more coach training, facilitating mentoring groups, and pushing the boundaries of coaching into as many industries as she can.

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Dionne Mejer: Communication Is the Lifeblood of Organizations

Dionne Mejer

Communication is the heartbeat of any successful business, yet surprisingly, it is often cited as a significant challenge. According to a Salesforce survey, 86% of executives and employees cite poor communication as the main cause of workplace failures. But what if there was someone who could help bridge these communication gaps and turn your team into a cohesive, productive unit?

Enter Dionne Mejer, a seasoned expert and dedicated parent who has spent the last 15 years masterfully constructing successful sales teams and spotting gaps in the information flow. Recognizing this problem in both her children’s school system and her professional environment, Dionne has made it her mission to improve communication practices. Her efforts have had an undeniably positive impact, with companies reporting increased productivity and improved team dynamics. Here’s her story.

It Started With Her Children’s School Communication

Dionne’s journey began 15 years ago in the corporate world, where she excelled in building dynamic sales teams. However, she soon noticed a recurring issue — a lack of pertinent information flow within organizations. Inspired by her experiences and keen observations, she had an “aha” moment: Information flow was the lifeblood of successful teams, and yet it was sorely lacking. Dionne saw this as a vital issue that needed to be addressed and was determined to tackle it head-on. Thus began her mission to enhance and facilitate effective communication within organizations.

People Are Key to Everything

Working towards this objective, Dionne started utilizing her vast experience and skills to change the status quo. She led by example, listening attentively, asking the right questions, and resisting the urge to problem-solve prematurely. “Most people know what to do; the reason they don’t do it is they are scared of rejection or don’t know how to start,” Dionne explains. Her approach to enhancing communication within organizations was as direct as it was simple, without the need for any high-tech tools. This was driven by her belief that over-reliance on technology can often impede human interaction, and hence, effective communication.

Transforming Individuals and Organizations Around the World

Through her business, Dionne has shown that proper communication can transform the fortunes of an organization. She aids teams and individuals in creating purpose statements, refining their communication, and thus boosting productivity. Her clients have reported a positive shift in their vernacular, along with a quicker progression of projects and a notable increase in sales. She has proved that effective interpersonal communication is key to any successful business.

Defining success is a holistic endeavor for Dionne, extending beyond the professional realm. On a personal front, success to her means being able to spend quality time with her family, witnessing her daughter cheerleading, and seeing her son navigate middle school. Professionally, she finds success in the positive changes her clients experience and the referrals they bring her way.

As for the future, Dionne has ambitious plans. She aims to hit her retirement goals, explore opportunities with boards and nonprofits, and continue to pass on her sales wisdom through teaching. She also aspires to continue speaking engagements, spreading her insights and experiences to wider audiences. Her life advice mirrors her proactive spirit: “Go and do. The world needs to hear what you have to say.”

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