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Tips to choose the best engagement rings



Engagement is one of the most exciting and enjoyable occasions in one’s life. An engagement ceremony is incomplete without an engagement ring. Choosing the right engagement ring is quite necessary for a person to make the engagement ceremony enjoyable and memorable. People have to put some time and the best of their efforts to purchase the best engagement ring. It can be quite challenging for a person to purchase the best engagement ring. People can purchase engagement rings from land-based jewelers as well as from online shops. People need to consider a few factors while choosing engagement rings. Some of the most significant points that people need to consider while choosing the best engagement rings are mentioned below. These points can help people consider all the possible risks and points that can help them choose the best ring. So let us get started. 

1.     According to the lifestyle of your partner

The first thing that you should consider while purchasing an engagement ring is that you should focus on the lifestyle of your partner. The engagement ring you purchase should be suitable to wear throughout the day, just like with normal outfits. The diamonds and stones should be firm and the ring should be easy to remove when needed.

2.     Suitable to the personality of your partner

The engagement ring you choose should be perfect for your partner. It should be according to the lifestyle and personality of your partner. A person is usually described by the things he wears and his lifestyle. So you need to check the lifestyle and personality of your partner before choosing so you can purchase the best possible engagement ring. The ring should be suitable so that your partner may wear it in his normal routine.

3.     Consider your financial status

Considering the cost while purchasing engagement rings is quite necessary. Every person has a limit which he can afford to purchase anything. You need to consider your affordability and choose the best possible engagement rings. You should never cross your budget as it can put you in some financial crisis that can be a great cause of headaches and things.

4.     Check the size of your finger

The size of the finger of your partner matters more than any other factor. The size of the finger of your partner should be perfect and the ring should be perfectly fit into the finger of your partner. It can create uneasiness if the ring is a bit too tight or a bit too loose to fit in the finger.

5.     Checking the insurance of engagement ring

You need to check the insurance of the engagement ring. An engagement ring is an investment on its own. So it is not recommended to purchase an engagement ring without investment.

The bottom line

The above-mentioned points are some of the most significant features that you need to consider while choosing engagement rings. These factors can help you choose the perfect ring for your perfect occasion.

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BOLLI BLAS ~ “My work conveys abstract ideas in a simple manner. I am interested in emotional impact and want to put across my values and beliefs and at the same time force others to question their own.”

“I work mainly with large oil on canvas pieces. Many of my paintings feature wide-eyed characters which I call Bollis. They look right back at the viewer, representing eyes as windows of the soul, holding a mirror to modern society. The philosophical concepts, combined with simple, cheerful representation create a very personal universe searching emotional reaction in the viewer.”

“Through my art, I want to change the world by representing my vision of utopia, a place where ethnicity and backgrounds don’t matter, where we are all the same, equal, where there is no prejudice, hatred or war. I paint people of all colours and sexual orientations. There are no rules, just Bollis dreaming with their eyes wide open.”

“My art is inspired by the street art, crafts and small galleries I saw on my backpacking travels everywhere from Guatemala to Peru and Zambia as much as the established artists in MOMA in New York.”

Bollis have been exhibited in NYC, London and Milan and will be displayed in upcoming exhibitions in NYC, Nice, Paris and Madrid. Make sure to stay in tuned with her creative success.

Solo Exhibitions:

MADRID, ‘Bolli on a Wally’ Exhibition, Wilko Gallery Madrid, 2nd – 30th June 2021

Art Fairs & Group Exhibitions:

NEW YORK, Pier 94, 2021 Solo Art Expo, 22nd – 25th April 2021

NICE, 2021 Art Fair, 9th April – 11th April 2021

PARIS, International Contemporary Art Fair Art 3F Paris, 29th – 31st January 2021

NEW YORK, Manhattan, Van Der Plas Gallery, ‘Vor Kunst’ Exhibition, 23rd November – 2nd December 2020

MILAN, M.A.D.S. Gallery Milano, International Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘Mater’ 13th – 27th November 2020

NEW YORK, Manhattan, Van Der Plas Gallery, ‘Quo Vadis’ Exhibition, 28th September – 7th October 2020

LONDON, Hackney, ‘Art is why I wake up in the morning’ Exhibition, 14th October – 24th October 2020

LONDON, South Bank, ‘Art at the Theatre’ Exhibition, 10th September – 16th September 2020

Virtual Exhibitions:

LONDON, Scattered Gallery ‘Fake Space’ Exhibition, 4th November – 4th December 2020

FLORENCE, Internation Association of Visual Artists IAVA ‘Aid’ Exhibition, 1st October – 30th October 2020

LONDON, Scattered Gallery ‘Art at the Theatre’ Exhibition, 13th September – 12th October 2020

TV Interviews:

TORONTO, Darriel Roy Show, 28th November 2020


MADRID, Guto Ajayu Ediciones 2021 International book of contemporary art

TURIN, Corriere dell’arte ‘Lights for the future’, October 2020

Written by Cyffa Leyenda

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