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Toast to the Brave – Tarah Who?



Toast to the Brave – Tarah Who? An interesting take on new age pop-grunge.

Strong female power and a shot at reviewing the nearly deceased genre of grunge. June 17th, LA-based pop-grunge duo Tarah Who? released their sophomore single for this year, Toast to The Brave. It is a track commemorating people who accepted their own or beloved ones’ death, a song themed around the Mexican festival of the dead ‘Día de Muertos.’

A song with a strong intention and a lot of thought behind it, you can sense that this track is Tarah Who? ’s magnum opus of sorts. Co-produced by Jason Orme, Toast to The Brave is a song that goes all out on drama, power, and political consciousness.

The power of the hook shines through after each verse and shows us what Tarah Who? excels at. I encourage everyone to check out the video for the song, for it relays the song’s message. The idea for the song is well-founded, and the production is smooth. I enjoyed the guitar riff of the verses as well as the bridge going into the hook.

I would recommend grunge fans to give Tarah Who? a listen.

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