Toni Vans, an entrepreneur and network marketer with a decade of experience, has achieved remarkable success, generating an eight-figure annual revenue and assembling a thriving network of over 500,000 entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders worldwide. Despite her accomplishments, she encountered significant challenges in managing communication within her business. Juggling emails, texts, and social media using various costly tools became a major hurdle. To address this issue, Toni embarked on a journey of trial and error, even experiencing unsuccessful business partnerships, ultimately leading her to create an all-inclusive CRM solution known as the Effing Simple CRM.

Toni’s Journey

Throughout the past ten years, Toni Vans has cultivated a dynamic personal brand, constantly on the move. Whether jet-setting to global speaking engagements, hosting seminars, or guiding ambassadors for her network marketing company, MONAT, toward financial success, maintaining consistent contact has been essential. While Toni attributes her success to her work ethic, the MONAT business model, and her unwavering commitment, she acknowledges that her network’s people are the cornerstone of her achievements. She emphasizes that network marketing revolves around building connections and relationships.

Launching Wealth Rescue

In 2021, Toni embarked on a new adventure in her entrepreneurial career — launching her podcast: Wealth Rescue with Toni Vanschoyck. Toni sits down with other successful entrepreneurs to have an open and honest conversation about their secrets to wealth and success. Her goal is to empower her listeners — especially women — around the world to defy the odds and build their brands. 

On Wealth Rescue, Toni speaks with entrepreneurs who have created life-changing opportunities for themselves and others. Toni has hosted guests such as Matt Berthot, successful vocal coach and founder of Voice by Matt; Todd Duncan, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and CEO; and Megan Jox, personal trainer and founder of ConFitence. Her goal is to inspire her listeners with the success stories of ordinary people who decided to pursue an extraordinary mission. 


Through Wealth Rescue, Toni is passionate about helping as many people as possible to find financial success and stability. Her hope is to use Wealth Rescue as yet another tool to reach as many individuals as possible to effect positive change.