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Toni Vans: This Network Marketer Just Created the Perfect Hack For Communicating



Eight years ago, Toni Vans started a new page in life. Having maxed out her credit cards and filing for bankruptcy a few years earlier – she knew she had to make a change. That’s when she made a decision to follow up on a new opportunity. “One of our lawn care clients had been pressing me to listen to an opportunity about a network marketing company.” Having been burned by bad business deals and greedy partners before, she was hesitant to take the opportunity. But after some thought, and considering the relationship with her client – What started out as merely being polite turned into falling in love with the industry. For the last eight years, Toni and her husband would fully commit to a network marketing startup called MONAT and now enjoy a consistent multiple seven figure annual passive income. While this would be more than enough to sell the power of network marketing, Toni is more proud of another accomplishment. “More important than the money and the accolades, I really enjoy the ability to change other people’s lives.” Through her mentoring, coaching and her three bestselling books, she has helped to impact over 400,000 people around the world.

Networking Problems

As the name suggests, one of the keys to finding success in a network marketing business is to, well, build a network. Every connection must be viewed as a potential client or partner – so the larger your network, the better. For Vans, this isn’t a problem. Her easy going, yet determined personality is the perfect recipe for connecting to people wherever she goes. Currently, she has a network of over 400,000 that she connects to regularly through email, text, and social media. While this is key to building her business, it also presents several issues. The first is cost. Maintaining contact with such a large network can be costly. “I was spending $350-400 every month just on text messaging.” This number easily climbed into the tens of thousands when she accounted for her CRM programs, emails, and other communication tools. “It was necessary but way too expensive.” This led her to find a more effective and cost effective way to handle her communication.

Developing New Programs

After trying different methods with limited success, Vans realized the best step would be to develop her own program. The end result was an affordable and all inclusive platform that centralizes all of her communications for her business. “It’s the first ever in my industry that streamlines everything. It takes the contacts that you have through ads, social media, current customers and affiliates all into one location.” When developing this program name simply, “the CRM,” she had herself and other networkers in mind, but this CRM can work for anyone. “Whether you are a mom and pop business, network marketer, or anyone in sales looking to manage a large network – this is the program for you.”

Plug ‘n Play

Designed to simplify the process of network communication, the CRM is fully equipped to be a one-stop platform. “We built this CRM to fully automate nurture, drip, outreach and other campaigns for network marketers. We have also built website templates, ringless voicemails,

form fillers, and even social media assistance. It does everything.” Despite the capability of this program, it is entirely affordable.If you need to manage and communicate to a large network, this program is available on Toni Vans Website and currently is available for the low price of $4.99 and offering several different tiers.

If you are interested in learning more about her new CRM called “The CRM,” you can visit her at her website. You can also keep up with her and her business journey by following her on Instagram.

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