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Tony Folly : An Inspirational Artist & Top Performer



The obstacles that prevented many artists from achieving success have stymied their progress. Music industry success is rare, and many fail as a result of the stress of balancing a career and everyday life. Despite staggering statistics, the industry’s top performers have overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams despite all odds. Tony Folly has experienced the harsh side of life first-hand.

A musician’s life is not always shiny and dazzling. All musicians have difficulties that they don’t share with the public eye. Here are some of the issues that Tony Folly faced in his journey of becoming a Music Artist.

There is no easy way to break into the music industry, and every performer has the challenge of assembling a solid support system. This could be especially difficult for up-and-coming artists or professional newcomers like Tony Folly who often lack the established contacts and mentors necessary for successful entry.

He used to work at a camping store when he was 19 years old and he worked really hard there. One day his boss turns up to work and shows off his new Porsche. It was from that moment he knew that one day he wanted to be the boss of a company when he was older and drive a sports car like him! 10 years later and he brought his first Ferrari and a life of freedom. Some say he got lucky but he knows deep down he pushed through all the failures and obstacles and finally made it out on the other side!

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