Tony Mantor releases new hope-anthem, “Why Not Me” dedicated to the autistic community of Nashville.

Regardless of the odds, one thing is for certain: when you put in effort to achieve something and it doesn’t work out, it sucks.

Tony Mantor’s release “Why Not Me” touches on the feelings of disappointment when odds don’t play in your favor despite unyielding efforts. However, he brings attention to just how important it is to remain hopeful and keep trying. No matter if you get knocked down five times, “It’s just a mountain after all” and you “won’t know if you don’t try.” Encouraging and uplifting, Tony Mantor urges us all to keep going. Undoubtedly, this is a song of inspiration and necessity for most.

Not only is the the song encouraging, but Tony Mantor is using his platform and the release to bring awareness to important issues. Taking it upon himself to be an advocate in Nashville, Tennessee for autism awareness, acceptance and understanding, Tony released a music video to raise money and provide a voice for the community.

The music video paired with this release is centered around the autistic community in Nashville and their accomplishments despite circumstances and societal assumptions. Mantor hopes that with this anthem-like track, hope will be planted in the hearts of those that need the support. The video showcases incredible souls and members of this community on various sides of the spectrum, to give a well-rounded perspective and to change hearts and minds. Ultimately, his bringing attention to autism awareness is in hopes of promotion, acceptance and global understanding of this community and all that they are capable of.

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