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Tony Yankii: On The Rise Recording Artist From West Africa



Anthony Enzenwa better known by his stage name Tony Yankee is an on the rise artist from Lagos, Nigeria. From the Igbo tribe to be precise. Tony is a computer science graduate raised in Surulere Lagos. His enviornment has played a vital role on his music inspiration. He started his musical career while in secondary school. There he realized his love for hip hop and pop music. He enjoyed listening to Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent. Those were his role models. His passion is to connect and impact his society in a positive way. He started pursuing music back in 2006. In the beginning he did a ton of covers and never really released any content, but now he is focused on being heard. Each year his fan base grows and his music improves.

His style and genre is Afro Pop. His latest release is titled “Melody” produced by Bmj. He also has the video out now on Youtube. The song features a Jamaican artist name 1geovanie on the track. Outside of music Tony also specialized in comic content as well as acting. He has had a few roles over the past years. Through his music and work he loves to connect with his fans and bring them joy through his work. This year he is working on his first major album titled #AboutThatTime which consists of 7 amazing tracks. Tony has won artist of the year for his CDs while serving in the north. He has also enjoyed creating his own content, being played on the radio and being paid for his acting gigs. His goal with his music is to chart on Billboard and to win a Grammy ! He says ” consistency is key and understanding your sound is vital, and being patient is also key to success… Hard work pays off.. and being true to yourself helps a lot.. and also working with the right people also helps ones Craft.” Make sure you follow his journey and his success !

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