YouTube Video Promotion Community

Finding out the right forum or community to promote your channel can be a very daunting task. There are these social giants like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, where you religiously post your YouTube video and wait for your video to go viral.

And surprise surprise! you don’t see any increase in views whatsoever. Posting your video on these social channels seems to be the default promotion plan for close to 2 million YouTubers. So, you are not alone!

But fortunately, there are lots of different ways to promote your content, like Community Forums. There are many communities targeted toward upcoming YouTubers, including our very own Drummitup forum. We have over 50K registered upcoming YouTubers and is a very active community.

This post is not just about Drummitup. We are going to talk about the top 3 communities where one can promote their content.

1- Drummitup

Drummitup has existed for the last 4 years and has grown to become a prominent player in this space. This platform was developed keeping upcoming YouTubers in mind. YouTubers can promote their content on this platform for free.

Let’s assume you have registered your channel and promoted your video, what happens next and how do you get legit views?

Two tasks news users got to do to promote youtube video for free:

1- Watch your video without skip-hop-jump. Drummitup enforces strict rules that watch credit is given only if the user watches the video completely. This is where the views become legit and most of the YouTubers get a really good view conversion rate on this platform compared to others.

2- Share your video on their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Mix, Reddit, Quora, etc. Another big win for you, as this expands your social circle, which in turn improves the probability of your video getting reshared, and exponentially improves your chances to get more views!  There have been many instances where the videos have gone viral because of video shares.

There are paid services available as well,

1- Prime membership lets you skip the hassle of watching others’ videos and promote unlimited videos without any waiting period after each video promotion.

2- Let’s pin your video on top of the page for a very nominal service fee. This makes it visible to the user who comes to watch videos. Records show that users get 10x view conversion rates when the video is pinned.

3- They also let you push your video up the watch list as new users might have published their video because of which your video might have got pushed down the watch list.

Overall, Drummitup with all these features have grown to become one of the top community for upcoming YouTubers to promote videos.

2- Reddit

Who doesn’t know about Reddit? It is an elephant in the room. Huge user base, lots of communities to post. I guess the defacto platform for YouTubers. Having said that, there are too many restrictions while posting. You can easily get spammed off. So, beware and use this tool as your trump card!

The platform is extremely good for getting constructive feedback. Some of the communities you can check out are:




3- Trinding

Trinding was conceptualized on 2015 and it was after the thought of a community on Reddit called /r/unknownvideos.

It is a strong community of 30K YouTubers. What is good about this platform is you get a lot of comments and feedback. But not on youtube but their website. Which is kind of not helpful when you are trying to grow. We have not heard a lot about this platform converting into actual views. But the good thing about this is community feedback.


You might find it surprising that Facebook, and Twitter are missing from our list. Instead of “Top 3” we could have easily made “Top 5”. But the fact is, based on a lot of feedback from upcoming YouTubers, we found that Facebook and Twitter have become very stringent about posting videos for promotion. It has become a dump yard. So, there is very little support you will get as a social community to grow your channel. But promoting within your social circle can yield you good results, not on the community.

Hope this is useful for upcoming YouTubers. Good luck!

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