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Top 5 guitar academies in the USA



Guitar has always been a popular musical instrument. Even today, most of the music base has guitar string notes. And now that we live in the digital world, we see a person holding their guitar and making covers of the song daily. This trend has become the income of many people, which has also captivated many to learn guitar and produce covers of their favorite songs.

However, if you have already come out of the phase of playing guitar and now want your id to explore the concept of guitar playing or are an aspiring musician, here are the top five guitar learning academies in the United States.

  1. Nashville Music Academy

When learning guitar on your budget and from Nashville, you should consider Nashville Music Academy. They were formed 15 years ago to serve aspiring Nashville musicians. The enrolled individuals of any age have classes that are not only in person but also virtual. So you don’t have to worry about traveling from one state to another. They teach guitar and other musical instruments, as well as music theory, ensembling, and songwriting.

  • Los Angeles College of Music (LACM)

LACMis another institute for an aspiring musicians to learn and play guitar. They offer a guitar degree program through Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Music diplomas. They taught guitar and a wide range of musical subjects, from singing and songwriting to Disc Jockey.

  • 92 Street Y Guitar Institute

The school non-profit organization taught guitar to the students from thebeginner level. The student will learn how to tune the guitar, hold the pick and read chord diagrams, and progress to finger exercises and techniques, including open chords. They also have online courses for distance individuals. It is based in NewYork.

  • Boston School of Guitar

It is yet another good place if you want to learn guitar through online classes. Guitar classes in this school have been customized according to student needs. They also provide an appropriate instrument to each of their students. They have a faculty member who has worked or is working in the music industry.

  • Connecticut Suzuki Guitar Academy

Founded by David Veslocki, Grammy Award, Daytime Emmy, and OscarNominated guitar recording/composition contributor, whose songs have done multi-billboard chart-topping at no. 1. This academy has won the GFA (2nd, 3rd place) Boston Guitar Competition (1stPlace), Rhode Island guitar competition (1st place). The academy has faculty members who are experts in the classical practice of guitar from the Suzuki book. As the founder is a remarkable guitarist, you should consider learning to play guitar from here.


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