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Top 5 Men’s Summer Scents, from Top Fragrance Influencer Joe Anthony



1. Chanel Sport Extreme– Best fragrance tailored for the summer? Probably not. This woody aromatic fragrance uses a lot of tonka, musks, and woods – it wouldn’t work in the high heat temperatures of summer.. However, this is my signature scent for a reason. Orange and mint blended with that musks, wood & tonka (think powdery vanilla) that was mentioned before ). Wear this any time or any place except when the temperature is HIGH. Dress it up for office meetings, wear it while you’re drinking cocktails at the bar or rooftop parties to celebrate a great week. Recommended ages: 16+

2. Guy Laroche Horizon– Speaking of 90’s fragrances… This fragrance will bring you back to the 90’s. Fresh, green and clean. This is one of the fragrances that can be appreciated  in 2022. Yes, you will smell a little more mature & this recommendation is tailored more for older men.  That’s because of the use of mandarin, bergamot, and oak moss that makes it fresh and green.  The other notes of pine, patchouli, cedar wood and mint gives gentleman a versatile fragrance at an affordable cost by the same company that bought you Drakkar and Drakkar Noir. You can find 50 ml bottles of this at some drugstores and Walmarts and online for prices ranging from $8 USD to $17 USD. Though it’s not the sexiest thing under the sun , this is a cologne that can be mass appealing and appreciated by many.  Recommended ages: 32+

3. Polo Blue Gold Blend– Do you love Bleu de Chanel but feel it’s too pricey? Do you remember Polo Blue, a classic fragrance of the 90’s? This spicy woody fragrance is the perfect marriage of both offerings mentioned. I know, so many people smell like Bleu de Chanel because it’s one of the best sellers for men since 2010. The nostalgic notes of melon, lime, lavender and apple from Polo Blue help carry the similar notes of grapefruit ,incense , ginger, pepper and vetiver from Bleu De Chanel so it has its own unique smell. It has 8-10 hours of performance and can be found at Ralph Lauren factory stores ,department stores & online for prices ranging from $50 USD -$90 USD. This too is another versatile fragrance and can be worn and appreciated by anyone  for any occasion. Recommend ages: 20+

4. Zaharoff Signature Citrine – Summer in a bottle for sure. If you’re looking for the cleanest and freshest fragrance that the industry has to offer in the summer of 2022 , this is the one to add to your collection. While this citrus aromatic fragrance can’t be sampled or purchased in a department store, this is a fragrance that makes it all worth the wait for it to be shipped to you. Its performance  lasts 4-6 hours, and you maintain a fresh and clean vibe unlike any other fragrance. Extremely natural and authentic notes of clementine & mandarin oranges, red currant, and jasmine catch your attention in the beginning.  For depth and uniqueness, plum, musks, oud, myrrh and fig leaves, gives the fragrance more of a woods feeling . Fresh notes come from patchouli ,ambergris and oak moss . This is the safest but most expensive fragrance I can recommend. At $145 USD it’s worth it because you are getting quality. Recommended Ages: Any one can wear but for price , I’ll say 21+

5. Cartier Pasha De Cartier Edition Noire– The reason I rank this 5 is because this woody aromatic fragrance is more suitable for summer nights even with its woody & spicy tones due to its array of citruses ,violet, mint and iris . Whether you’re going to a bar with friends or you’re trying to sweep someone off of their feet in a more intimate setting, wear this fragrance and you will be unAVERAGE from the rest. It’s had a solid longevity of 6-7 hours and performs pretty decently for the price .  You can find this online or at your local department stores with prices ranging from $65 USD to $125 USD. I have recommended this to many people and they all can attest to this being a unique show stopper. Recommended Ages:25+

Bio: Joe Anthony is a Native New Yorker who started a YouTube channel centered around fragrances for men in 2013. He quickly gained a lot of appreciation for his honesty & desire to not only review what was trending in the  industry. While also reviewing “hidden gems” that no one talked about initially, but eventually became trending. He also did what no one else was doing then and that’s incorporating scenery from various cities, hotels or restaurants into his reviews on a consistent basis so the viewer can see various parts of the world that they may never get the ability to see.

After a few “hiatuses” due to personal reasons & a couple of rebrands, Joe returned to making content full time for YouTube and Instagram in 2021. Expanding the once only fragrance channel to a channel determined to bring you the most unAVERAGE recommendations to improve your fragrance, fashion &lifestyle needs . Because online streaming has become such a revolutionary thing, Joe began to incorporate livestream shows into his already decorated content. Giving the episodes a podcast style or talk show style depending on the topics other content creators, brands of companies, or even everyday people featured on the specific episode. 

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