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Top Five Speakers To Help Your Mental Health and Find Your Inner Purpose In  2023



March 2023! The first quarter of the year is almost gone and I can’t help but ask: how are you doing with your New Year Resolutions? As spring nears, it’s the perfect time to assess where we stand with our goals and aspirations. Are you where you want to be? Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about your next steps? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

In this article, we are taking a look at some experts who can offer tangible advice and real-life experience to help you achieve your dreams. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, advance your career, or find greater fulfillment in your personal life, these speakers are equipped with the expertise and insights you need to make meaningful progress towards your goals. From doctors and authors to motivational speakers and entrepreneurs, this lineup of speakers brings the sauce no matter what your new year’s resolution is!

Laura Belevica: “BECOMING GIANT: Drawing Out Your Superpower”

Laura Belevica, also known as the Shadow Storyteller, has a powerful message for everyone – “You have a superpower!” With her extensive background as a BIG IDEA developer, speaker, designer, artist, and architect, Laura has worked on numerous international projects that focus on creative direction and storytelling. Her expertise ranges from print and animation to film and production design, as well as art installations, buildings, and large-scale urban environments in China. As the founder of CONNECTEDkind, she has developed a groundbreaking method for imagination development that has been recognized as “a revolution in education” by UNESCO experts, and has even sparked brain research in Japan. Through her dynamic speaking and storytelling skills, Laura helps people find their purpose and unleash their potential.

Laura’s message of superpowers and storytelling resonates with people from all walks of life, and her inspiring approach to self-belief and imagination makes her a valuable asset to the world of creativity and storytelling. Whether it’s through her innovative methods or her engaging talks, Laura Belevica is helping people tap into their own unique superpowers and become masters of their own stories.

Natasha Miller: ”It’s Not Enough to Be Resilient”

Grit, Tenacity, Resiliency, and Hustle – these are things that are drilled into our heads by motivational speakers and business coaches from around the world. While these are definitely important to helping get your business idea or your new year resolutions off the ground, Natasha Miller believes there is so much more to finding your success. “In order to be successful, you have to be relentless – and have the right tools to grow your business.” Natasha Miller is an award-winning, Wall Street Journal best-selling author, 3x honoree for Inc 5000 fastest-growing businesses in the US, and a highly sought after coach and speaker. Her claim to fame? “I help my clients to scale, grow, and optimize their businesses efficiently by laying down a firm foundation, and teaching the things they might have skipped over while getting their business off the ground.” With the perfect mix of motivation and results driven tactics, you are sure to get what you need to take your business to the next level with Natasha on the stage. 

In addition to business, the Oakland California native is an active advocate for homeless youth programs, a proud mother and a classically trained musician and vocalist.

Dr Robert Melillo: Balancing The Brain, What is Happening in the Brain in ADHD, Anxiety and Most Mental Health Issues and How to Change It.

Let’s face it. Most of us wish we had more control of our brain. Even if we haven’t been officially diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety or other mental health issues – we all struggle to keep our mind sharp while navigating the continuous stress of life. While Dr. Robert Melillo can’t promise to make your crazy schedule disappear, he can help you take control back of your mind. With thirty years of experience as a clinician, the 8x best selling author, brain researcher and founder of the Melillo Method has helped children and adults around the world to alleviate the effects of ADHD, behavior disorders and brain imbalances. “Our approach is holistic. By utilizing diet and nutritional counseling, lifestyle modification, and applying our knowledge of the mind, we are able to help our patients achieve a balanced brain and healthier life.”

In addition to serving as Co founder and President Emeritus International Association Of Functional Neuroscience and Rehabilitation and Cofounder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers with over 100 centers in the USA , Dr. Robert Mellilo travels the world speaking at conferences and events about the importance of brain health and how to maximize your brain’s natural abilities.

Nicole Sartini: The Inner Journey is the Outer Gift

Nicole Sartini is a professional psychotherapist with over two decades of experience in mental health. As co-owner and founder of Bridge Counseling and Wellness, she provides a mind-body-spirit approach to mental health counseling that incorporates whole self-care. Nicole is passionate about helping people connect with their true selves for the betterment of all. While she focuses on solving depression and mental health issues in a holistic way, she is also a strong advocate for exercise. “The science shows that exercise is important – even if you aren’t motivated to do it. Do it begrudgingly. Complain about it. Growl. Whatever gets you moving. Just exercise.” While she stays quite busy serving both her team and her patients, she is also quite active speaking at events and keynotes around the US on the benefits of taking a mind-body-spirit approach to maintaining mental health.  

Nicole is passionate about helping people connect with the deepest truest versions of themselves for the betterment of us all. As she puts it, “we are all both part of the collective whole and our own unique expressions of creation on our own unique paths.”

Ahaumna AhMaYah: Overcoming Money Trauma Through Meridian Therapy Will Free You From Financial Stress

Imagine knowing exactly who you were created to be. I mean, seriously, imagine if you could find out simply based on when you were born and what the universe had planned for you. That’s where the next speaker comes into the scene. Ahuamma AhMaYah is a professional speaker, multidimensional healer, mentor, author, and galactic wisdom keeper who’s all about helping people discover and embrace their unique purpose in life. Her passion for empowering individuals and helping them to awaken to their true selves has resonated with countless people from diverse backgrounds. At the base of her system is the idea that “anyone can make money as long as they know who they are.” 

Through her courses, retreats, writing, and talks, Ahuamma has helped people from around the world to elevate their worth, value, and mission. She has empowered them to liberate their finances, health, and spirit, and find joy and purpose in their lives. Ahuamma’s teachings and guidance have reached far and wide, inspiring and transforming the lives of people everywhere.

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