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Top Ten Credit Gurus in the World



Credit is one of the most important (and underrated) topics in the entire world. In order to have
purchasing power in society, you have to know the ins and outs of credit. As with any topic,
there are credible experts in the field that people can look to in order to learn more about credit
and there are some less than savory individuals.
In this article, we will go over the top 10 credit gurus in the world and their accolades so that you
can decide who you should trust for credit advice and expertise.

  1. Antoine Sallis
    Antoine Sallis is the number one credit guru on our list and in the world. He has been featured by
    Forbes and TedX as a Credit Genius. His personal TedX speech, The Great American Credit
    Secret, aims to provide credit expertise to Americans and put a new perspective on credit
    mentorship. The Great American Credit Secret is also a best selling book and online course
    that teaches consumers how to fund a life of luxury and make residual income with credit. It
    teaches starting a business, building business credit, leveraging exotic cars, how to get cosmetic
    surgery for $100 a month and many more amazing secrets. Through his business Rapid Credit
    Boosters, Antoine provides expert credit mentorship advice to help Americans improve their
    station in life and for generations to come.
  2. William Roundtree
    Perhaps at one time the biggest and best credit guru in the world, William Roundtree has since
    fallen to the number two spot on our list. However, William Roundtree is an expert in his field
    and has an incredible personal story to back up his ability to help people achieve generational
  3. Credit Nickk
    Credit Nickk is another credit guru and influencer who has a respectable following online. As a
    credit guru, he is able to help people build their brands and start their own small businesses with
    his professional advice. He is well-deserving of our number three spot on this list!
  4. CJ the Credit Fixer
    CJ the Credit Fixer is our number four credit guru in the world. With less of a presence on social
    media, CJ is still a well-regarded credit restoration specialist and entrepreneur. His testimonials
    speak for themselves on his ability to help people with their credit scores.
  5. Tony Risk
    Coming in at number 5 on our list is Tony Risk. Tony is the author of eight different credit repair
    books that all boast amazing reviews on Audible and Goodreads. His expertise is well-regarded,
    and his books are free on KindleUnlimited at the moment!
  6. Him500 Marcus Barney
    Marcus Barney runs a successful credit repair and business-focused brand. His online presence
    is astounding and earns him number six on our list of credit gurus. Combined with his expertise
    in other areas, his brand him500 is making waves in the credit world.
  7. DIR CEO
    Turning dreams into reality is a tall order, but DIR (Dreams into Reality) Credit Coach has one
    of the best credit report repair courses available. Again, DIR CEO Credit Coach is lower on this
    list due to a smaller online following, but still has valuable credit advice!
  8. Credit Game Mike
    Credit Game Mike has a University Mastermind in which people can learn many tips about
    credit. He also had a very popular YouTube channel that recently was deleted due to
    controversy. Like him or not, he’s been very successful in the credit industry
  9. Ask Sebby
    Sebby, also known by his YouTube channel name as Ask Sebby, and formerly is an American
    educational YouTuber whose videos revolve around credit cards and financing. He joined
    YouTube on December 6, 2016, and has accumulated 201,000 subscribers and almost 35 million
  10. Alex Miller
    Starting with number 10, Alex Miller was once known as a credit repair expert, but has since
    fallen under immense scandal after a lawsuit involving the Federal Trade Commission tanked his
    business. While Miller does have extraordinarily positive reviews, his business allegedly made
    false claims, and he has since come under intense scrutiny as a result. Alex has maintained his
    innocence, and now continues to do credit repair for many of his clients in Texas and Atlanta