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Toronto Musical Duo “Heartz On Fire” Are A Rare Breed



Musicians who can adapt to new difficulties while maintaining a constant workflow are typically the ones we witness flourishing. A blazing new duo, known in the industry as Heartz on Fire, is not to be overlooked. They’ve blossomed well as solo artists but have now rebranded and merged their talent, showcasing their unique and ingenious aesthetic while doing their diligence to elevate their careers. They hail from the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada (Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes), growing their star power and refining their artistry.

They’re young, zealous, and have a heavy influence on those in their circle. Nowadays, it’s rare to rub shoulders with artists who bring worthy content to the table; talents like Alyssa and James have an innate gift to bring people together by purposely intermingling themes of introspection in their lyrics that many can call home.

Alyssa and James woe the hearts of their fans by their faithful love for one another, and it’s undeniable that their music is a clear reflection of where both of them are in their journey. Musicians who find ways of engaging their fanbase beyond the music add more believability to their brand and foster more possibilities–– this deepens the relationship with their audience– something Alyssa and James execute remarkably well.

Heartz on Fire is fresh on the scene but has accomplished considerably more than most artists in the industry; at this pace, we expect more from them in the public eye, nationally, and worldwide.

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