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Touching your soul with her writings – Sujoyita Pal



Who is Sujoyita Pal?

Sujoyita Pal is an internationally certified writer, author. She has been featured on google. Her name has been featured on around 35+ sites. She is a certified soft skill trainer. Her living place is kolkata. She has completed her graduation from calcutta university. She has completed her masters degree in English from Rabindrabharati university after that she has completed b. Ed in English from wbuttepa university. She is an English teacher, spoken English trainer. Recently her 13 write ups has been published in 3 anthologies under flairs and glairs publication house as well as had launched that 3 anthologies in new delhi at world book fair at pragati maidan. She has written poems  in 40+ anthologies as a co author.

Soul by Sujoyita Pal

The concept of inner soul is a central tenet of many spiritual and philosophical traditions and refers to the essential essence of a person that exists beyond the physical body and mind. While the nature and characteristics of the inner soul may vary depending on one’s beliefs and experiences. It is often associated with qualities such as love compassion wisdom and peace and is believed to be the source of these qualities within a person.

The inner soul is often described as the seat of consciousness and is believed to be the source of one’s moral and spiritual values. In this sense, it is seen as the truest expression of who a person is beyond the external circumstances and experiences of their life.

One of the primary aims of spiritual practices such as meditation prayer and introspection is to connect with and cultivate the inner soul.

Many spiritual traditions describe the inner soul as being distinct from the ego which is often seen as the part of the self that is concerned with personal identity desires and fears. By connecting with the inner soul individuals may be able to transcend the limitations of the ego and experience a sense of unity and interconnectedness with all beings

The concept of the inner soul is a deeply personal and subjective experience and it’s nature and characteristics may vary depending on one’s beliefs and experiences. However by cultivating a deeper connection with this aspect of the self individuals may be able to access a greater sense of purpose meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

Untold Words by Sujoyita Pal


Words are untold

Words are unsaid

Words are unexplainable

Words are prominent

Words are unexplored

Feelings are unexpressed

Some feelings are unexplainable

Feelings are notified

Feelings are universal

Feelings are unreliable

Feelings are unpredictable

Feelings are unspoken

Darkness reveals untold words

Inner soul is undictionarised

Words unfolds our emotion

Words are incomplete without emotion

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