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Trader J Shares How He Balances Life to Get the Best Version of Himself



Trader J Shares How He Balances Life to Get the Best Version of Himself 

As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and personal finance, it is important for Trader J to stay in top shape mentally so he can face whatever challenges that life may throw his way. 

“Balance, meditate, work out, eat, clean, have close family [around], and take breaks, and reward yourself,” he said. 

Through trading and investing in several industries, Trader J has generated multiple six-figure businesses, therefore overcoming initial obstacles such as coming from a low-income background and several losses. 

“Maintaining balance in a fast paced world and society is how I find happiness in what I do,” Trader J said. 

Once he recognized his purpose and his dreams in life, he worked with it until he found the perfect way to balance it all, allowing him to go further in life than he could ever imagine. 

Getting to the Root of the Problem 

More often than not, obstacles get the best out of people especially if it’s a nerve-wracking circumstance that involves critical decision-making. Fortunately for Trader J, he has developed the right mindset in dealing with this and that is by carefully analyzing the problem until he finds what’s causing it. 

“I overcome obstacles by taking time out to get to the root of the problem. Most obstacles are temporary and planning and strategizing about them helps reduce any anxiety I have about their ability to affect my thinking process,” he shared. 

By having a clear mind, Trader J is sure about his decisions and can conduct business flawlessly. 

To further his ability to do business with a clear and concise mind, the serial entrepreneur also works to avoid stress and burnout as much as he can. Aside from taking time for himself, he also enjoys good company since having some around can ease any tense situation anyone is in. 

“I avoid stress and burnout by exercising, mediating, and taking time out of my schedule to connect with friends and family,” he said. 

Trusting the Process 

Being a trader and investor, Trader J is not foreign to idea of losses. However, he manages to bounce back from setbacks and learn from these experiences. 

When he started trading and investing, the first lesson he learned was to not rush the process. During a year and a half of trading, he lost about £13,000, prompting him to stop for six months. 

Although the misfortune crushed him at the time, he eventually realized that it was part of what he needed to learn for him to evolve and become a better trader. 
Learn more about Trader through his website,, and his Instagram account, @Traderj_.

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