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“Travelpreneur” Joshua Pollitt explains why every entrepreneur should invest more into traveling



What do you call an entrepreneur that travels for a living? Before this question is answered, what then do you call an individual that travels during a global pandemic despite the risks involved? If you have guessed it right then you would have come up with the title, a very brave “Travelpreneur”; Joshua Pollitt the Founder & CEO of East Coast Magazine explains in his interview his life as an entrepreneur and all of what traveling has done for him. He also details the importance of taking risk during volatile social periods in life such as the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In a conversation with Joshua Pollitt, you will come to discover that he isn’t your average entrepreneur sitting on a billion dollars of revenue, at least not yet going off the major moves he has been making to reach that financial mark. This young mastermind has learned from his experience of traveling throughout the entire United States over the majority of 2020 as one of the most important investments we could make in our lives.

Bonni3: Who is Joshua Pollitt? 

Joshua: (smirking) Where do I begin? Well I will say this as I am the one and only Joshua Pollitt here today. From what I know and observe of myself  I can take the honest account that I am for one not your average person as I still continue to find myself as a very eccentric and adventurous individual. In a very humble nutshell I find myself as this savant who continues to navigate, earn and learn his willingful way through the labyrinth of life. Hopefully that answers your question. (Bursts out in laughs) 

Bonni3: (smiling) So when did you become an entrepreneur?

Joshua: There are two split answers to this question because in all honesty I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 9 years old. However formally I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2014 which is around the same time when I found East Coast Magazine as well as  starting graduate school at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.

Bonni3: That is very interesting Joshua, what program did you study in graduate school? 

Joshua: I took up the Masters of Arts: Organizational Leadership Program.  

Bonni3: Do you believe that being a graduate student at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania is what enhanced your life further into entrepreneurship? 

Joshua: You know Bonni3 from time to time I constantly revisit this mental area of my past and I can honestly answer this by saying “Yes” being a graduate student at Mansfield in that particular program has indeed furthered my life into the realm of entrepreneurship. 

Bonni3: Could you explain in detail just how the graduate program has done so? 

Joshua: Well for starters, I never knew that the program would have the lasting effect upon me until I learned about “Organizational Planning”, this particular class taught me about the “C-Suite Executive Board” within any company and the importance of it as well as the roles those within a C-Suite E-Board in any company. 

Bonni3: When you mention C-Suite do you mean the different chief roles and positions of individuals such as a CEO, CFO and the like?

Joshua: Yes Bonni3, that is exactly what I am talking about. That class alone taught me not only the different chief roles within most companies but the details of what these roles entail entirely. For instance the CEO is the Chief Executive Officer and oversees the entirety of the company whilst making sure every other subordinate is in alignment with the company’s vision. The CFO has the highest financial rank in any company. The list goes on and on but it’s important to know these differences because you would never want to dive into a position that’s way over your head or outside of your potential capability. 

Bonni3: Interesting take Joshua, so what is it like being a CEO?

Joshua: Check this example out for size. There are financial heroes that we truly acknowledge when they have accomplished feats beyond what was expected of them. Elon Musk is a prime example to use in answering your question and if you do not know who this man is let me inform you. He is the founder, CEO, CTO and chief designer of SpaceX. He is also the current CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc. Of course we all have heard of the Tesla car that runs on electricity but we must take notice of the mind it requires to design such a product of society. Just recently Mr. Musk became what is known as a centi-billionaire, surpassing Jeff Bezos as the richest person in the world just recently in January, 2021. So to fully answer your question, modeling the excellence of great people like Mr. Musk is what it is like being a CEO. I continuously aim to be better than what I was the moment before so in effort I go about reaching my accomplishments in small increments. Does that make sense?

Bonni3: Yes it sure does male a hell of a lot of sense and to be honest I have heard of Elon Musk but I never knew of the majority of his accolades. Do you think you will become the next “centi-billionaire” ? 

Joshua: (laughs out loud) I am currently working on that just know it’s all in the plan but for now let me enjoy my centi-thousandaire lifestyle whilst working towards becoming a centi-millionaire first. 

Bonni3: (laughs out loud) I am pretty sure that I am not the only one to state this but you’re one humble yet confident individual and I really respect that. Good for you Joshua. I Feel as if you will go very far in life. 

Joshua: (smiling humbly) Thank You, Thank You

Bonni3: Let’s talk about traveling, what influences you to travel and why do you enjoy it? 

Joshua: Traveling to me is more than just a chance to get away for a vacation as most people do. Traveling is the grand opportunity to earn, learn as well as grow in many ways than you are able to when you’re stuck in one city or area. You see it’s like this, traveling offers you the favorable advantage to opt into discovering information as well as different cultures outside of what you are used to. To me this is very influential because I am able to not only network more but I am able to network with people that I would have never met had I not taken the trip to the desired destination. I enjoy it because it’s breath-taking as well as the fact that I meet new people that at times are willing to help me with my brand development. That part right there is probably the greatest reason as to why I enjoy it because you never know who you may meet in life when you travel that may take you and your career to the next level. To that end, traveling is one of the many elemental pieces of a sound foundation for “shared reciprocity”. 

Bonni3: (smiling intensely) Well excuse me good sir, pardon me will you. Joshua it seems as if traveling is what you’re all about. Did you travel much during 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic?

Joshua: Stranger than Fiction, I actually traveled most of the entire year. Please do not judge me but I did it for many reasons and let me tell you I’ve learned so, so much. 

Bonni3: (Speaking loudly with shock and excitement) Oh my God are you serious? Weren’t you scared of the possibility of catching Covid-19? How did you manage all of that with the restrictions and so forth traveling from state to state?

Joshua: Remember before how I stated that there are many opportunities out there, well with opportunities comes risks. I just like Elon Musk believed in reaching your highest mark in life as a CEO and many times these high marks require high risks. Unfortunately Covid-19 has hit us all pretty much out of nowhere and I knew that I would not let anything stop me from becoming successful especially with the chance to travel to many different states all across the US for a low expense if not free during most of my time traveling. I for one was never scared because I did my intense research and I’ve come to learn that Covid-19 is nothing more than an intense flu. The fact that I am very healthy and eat well, I made sure to maintain a certain faith that I would be alright despite the pandemic. As to the different states I went to and fro, I basically held high respects for the policies of social distancing that each state required and played my part as an honest and obedient civilian. 

Bonni3: (Smiling intensely) Joshua it’s pretty clear with all that you’ve told me today that you’re quite the extraordinary gentlemen, any last takeaways for future entrepreneurs who plan to travel? 

Joshua: Thank you Bonni3, I appreciate you saying this to me. So here is what I will say for future or current “Travelpreneurs” that still question the chances and opportunities in traveling despite social periods of limitations such as that of the current Covid-19 era. If you reside in let’s say Florida which is open unlike many other states and you’re granted the grand chance to travel for opportunities in effort of financial gain due to your desire for an up in your career, take it and get on it ASAP! I state this because you never know when that opportunity may come around or surface itself again. On behalf of my own experience I was able to travel most of 2020 due to my strong network of people that I met online via social media who were obviously from other regions of the U.S. When those opportunities came about I got on top of them fast. I did not care for what was happening as to Covid-19 because I for one unlike most people follow a quote that 50 Cent the hip hop artist used quite often, If you’re a true entrepreneur you must “get rich or die trying”. That is my takeaway for any of those who wonder how I did it and what to use as continued motivation. Yes Covid-19 is very real and people are dying from it but what happens when opportunities arise during times like we are in now. This is something that any entrepreneur in flight of traveling success must answer. 

Bonni3: Thank you Joshua, this was quite a discussion that I have yet to have with anyone in such a long time. I learned so much from you today and I know that other entrepreneurs reading this interview will find it as a major help in their path towards success in life. 

Joshua: Your welcome Bonni3, it was indeed a pleasure you have helped remind myself more that it’s not just about me but indeed my story as well as my experience via traveling as an entrepreneur will be of help to someone else just as Elon Musk has been and continues to be for me. 

Social media handles:

Facebook: Joshua Pollitt-El

Instagram: @therealjoshuapollitt

Twitter: @joshua_pollitt

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Stirling has helped thousands of men face their intimacy problems and ultimately boost their self-esteem. Aside from teaching them ways to overcome their problems, he also advises men to find a way to take responsibility for everything in their life so they can take control and improve it accordingly.

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“I live my life by a code which is ‘Be Great or Be Nothing.’ I refuse to live a life settling for average results. I chose my career so I could become someone who would have a real influence on this world,” Jeremiah said.

Whenever someone approaches him or is willing to listen to what he has to say, Jeremiah goes above and beyond to provide them with the solution so they too can achieve greatness. 

The Skillset That Made It Happen 

Generating over $20,000,000 in sales is no easy feat for an investment firm, let alone an individual. But Jeremiah made it possible because he knows what he’s capable of and how far he can go if he leveraged his skills properly. 

“I am a master at sales and closing. This skillet slows me to take more risks because I know I can always rely on this skill set to make money no matter what happens,” Jeremiah said. 

Jeremiah is also known as “The Bull” for his bull mentality. In investment, a bull pertains to an investor who thinks the market is poised to rise. And for Jeremiah, through proper investments and the right strategies, there’s nowhere to go but up. 

Catering To Different Needs 

Although Jeremiah has achieved financial success through his investment firm, Alpha Influence has a more profound purpose of helping others improve their incomes and, ultimately, their lives. 

To do this, Jeremiah designed the firm to cater to the different needs of his clients. Presently, there are three programs that they can apply to, depending on what they need. 

First is the Financial Program. In this program, Jeremiah and his team will help clients establish a business, increase their credit score, and guide them on how to leverage other people’s money, thus allowing them to scale any business.

Next is the Automation. Here, clients can opt to own an Amazon store leveraged by the Alpha Influence team’s years of experience on the Amazon platform. 

Lastly, there’s the Wealth program. Clients who sign up for this will learn from Jeremia the methods used by millionaires and billionaires to generate and grow life-changing wealth. Jeremiah’s current mission is to help others create the same success using a method called “The Tri-Force of Wealth.” 

Presently, he has over 1,000 clients, with more than 100 students who earn six figures and multiple students who earn seven figures. 
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Leading global thought leader and founder of award-winning app and software development firm Elegant Media, Anushka Bandara, warns of the tactics phone scammers use to get your number



According to Anushka Bandara, co-founder and CEO of Elegant Media, people all over the world, are experiencing a sharp increase in the number of scam calls they are receiving on their phones.

“We are receiving feedback from a lot of people that they are receiving recorded scam calls on their phone from people pretending to be from key government authorities,” Bandara said.

“While most people know to hang up immediately, unfortunately some don’t – especially the elderly who are being fleeced of lots of money.

“Even if your number is on the Do Not Call Register, scammers still finding ways to get your number and call you.

“The Do Not Call Register will work for organisations that follow the rules, but sadly scammers don’t.”

Bandara explains how your phone number ends up in the hands of unethical callers.

“Every day we are engaging with businesses and organisations that capture our personal details, even apps,” Bandara said.

Most telemarketers purchase phone numbers from third party data providers however scammers use different methods and often they call from overseas.

“It is important to understand a few basics.  Nearly all mobile phones have display screens that show the Calling Line Identification (CLI)  which allows you to see the telephone number of the person calling,” Bandara said.

“A process called CLI overstamping allows the caller to display a different number to that of the number from which they are calling.   For example in Australia, Australian businesses with overseas call centres often use this tactic to make their customers think they are calling from Australia.

“Another tactic called ID spoofing enables the scammer to disguise their number by displaying an Australian number.  These tactics can lull people into a false sense of security and they answer the call.”

The question is how do they get your number and what should you do once they call.  Generally they use two methods, robocalls and number theft.

Hack databases

“Scammers usually use unscrupulous methods to get phone numbers.  A common approach is to hack business websites to access their customer information.  The increasing number of businesses operating online provides scammers with a huge ocean of opportunity,” Bandara added.

“Most businesses don’t even know they have been hacked, which makes the situation even worse.”

Trade data

“Scammers often trade information with other scammers to share data.  Sometimes they will purchase it for a small amount of money,” Bandara said.

Apps and games

“Scammers also create apps and games and share these for free in order to capture personal information,” Bandara explained.

“It is very important to do your homework before you sign up to any online activities as there is no such thing as free.”

Public wifi

“If you use public wifi or other systems that are not as secure as they could be, you are opening yourself up to risk.  Scammers can intercept information and your personal details using these facilities,” Bandara added.

Surveys and competitions

“Every time you enter an online competition, complete an online survey or send your warranty information online, you are submitting your personal details to someone,” Bandara added.


“Computer generated random number calling is a thing and scammers with the technology capabilities are able to implement this strategy and call thousands of numbers over a short period of time,” Bandara said.

According to Bandara, while more needs to be done by governments across the world to cut off scammers from the source through implementation of clever technology that attaches real identities to each caller number and then validates enabling the call, until this happens, every individual will need to be super vigilant.

“Don’t answer a call from a number you do not know.  If you get a call from a spammer, hang up and block the number,” Bandara emphasised.

“Every country has its own cyber crime reporting centre.  In addition, report the number to your service provider.

“Think more carefully about who you give your information to and where it might go.”

Elegant Media is a full-service mobile app development and software solutions provider for businesses, government and entrepreneurs. With hundreds of mobile app projects completed, their team is one of the most experienced teams in Australia. They are also the only app developer in Australia with ISO accreditation and also hold Apple and Google accreditation.

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