Kelce’s Move to Protect His Brand

Travis Kelce, widely recognized as one of the NFL’s leading tight ends, is making strategic moves off the field. Recently, Kelce filed for trademarks on several personal and professional elements, including his own name, social media handle, catchphrase “Alright Nah,” his brand “Flight 87,” and his cereal, “Kelce’s Krunch.” This move is seen as Kelce’s initiative to establish a stronger personal brand.

Diverse Applications of the Trademarks

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben explains that these trademarks could cover a variety of merchandise, such as pins, posters, bobbleheads, clothing, and Kelce’s own cereal brand. This indicates a broader vision Kelce has for his brand presence in the market.

Kelce’s Community Impact and Ventures

Kelce’s foray into the cereal market isn’t new. In partnership with Midwest supermarket chain Hy-Vee, Kelce launched “Kelce’s Krunch” in August 2022, under his nonprofit organization, 87 & Running Foundation. The partnership reflects Kelce’s commitment to community initiatives, further solidified by his comment, “Hy-Vee is an incredible partner, and I am looking forward to bringing more impactful community initiatives to life with them.”

Broadening Horizons Beyond Football

Kelce’s venture into business is complemented by his other activities, such as co-hosting a podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce. This podcast offers insights into their personal football experiences and other sports-related topics, showcasing Kelce’s versatility beyond the football field.

Kelce’s Rising Popularity

Kelce’s popularity has surged recently, partly due to his relationship with Taylor Swift. After Swift’s attendance at a Kansas City Chiefs game, Kelce’s jersey sales skyrocketed by 400%. Swift’s consistent presence at Arrowhead Stadium, cheering for Kelce, has further spotlighted his rising fame.

Swift’s Business Acumen: A Parallel Path

Coincidentally, Swift has also made headlines in the business world. Recently reported by Bloomberg, Swift’s net worth reached an impressive $1.1 billion, primarily from her music and performing career. This parallel in business success between Kelce and Swift highlights a shared understanding of branding and market presence.

Kelce’s business endeavors reflect a growing trend among athletes to establish and protect their personal brands. His steps towards trademarking key aspects of his public persona demonstrate a strategic approach to his career beyond football, blending entrepreneurship with community engagement.