TreImage and Clinch Entertainment have teamed up for their first major collaboration. As their first major collaboration, the two companies have joined forces to represent the renowned, multi-talented entertainment mogul and Grammy award-winning artist, Master P. Leading this partnership is Charles Singleton Jr., the ambitious and hardworking CEO of TreImage, a licensing, branding, and marketing company with a focus on supporting urban brands.

TreImage’s motto, “We eat what we kill,” reflects the company’s determination and drive for success. This phrase serves as a promise to its partners, companies, and celebrities that TreImage will only prosper if TreImage actively pursues and achieves its goals. It’s a mentality that reassures these partners that TreImage won’t benefit or profit unless they also succeed. This motto demonstrates TreImage’s commitment to its partners and its willingness to work hard to achieve mutual success.

That, coupled with the team’s expertise, has helped TreImage cement its reputation as a top licensing agency. It has also helped Charles secure partnerships with notable clients like Ja Rule and corporate clients like Sunkist and SunMaid. TreImage inked a major food deal with Sunkist in 2021, with 4 Sunkist salad dressings that are available in WalMarts nationwide. TreImage has also secured merch and toy deals for its celebrity clients.

The partnership between TreImage and Clinch Entertainment has been beneficial for both brands. The partnership has brought new unique opportunities and more reach to celebrity talent like Master P. Clinch Entertainment has also brought a personal element to the mix, with Michelle Stokes, CEO at Clinch Entertainment, being a dear friend and mentor to Singleton. With these two companies combined expertise and resources, the skies the limit for their future success. This has been Singleton’s dream all along, and he is just getting started.

Singleton’s background is just as impressive as TreImage’s list of clients. As a ward of the state for ten years of his childhood and the son of a domestic violence survivor, he understands the hustle better than most. After a long separation and reconnection with his mom, Singleton experienced soul-crushing pain and loneliness again when she passed away shortly after he graduated high school in the Long Beach, CA projects,  Poly Apartments aka “PA’s”. Despite these setbacks, Singleton worked hard to obtain several degrees and eventually started his own business.

in marketing and sponsorships. He honed his expertise during his time as the VP of Operations for Miramar Brands Group, and that is when he discovered the need for representation for minorities in the licensing and branding space. Once his time with Miramar was up, he decided to infuse his knowledge within TreImage and has not looked back since. 

With this experience and the help of top licensing agents from around the globe, like TreImage’s licensing director, Kim Winkeleer.  Singleton has built TreImage into a company on the rise in the branding and licensing industry. Singleton has big dreams for the future, envisioning the company as one of the country’s top licensing and marketing agencies. With the addition of Clinch Entertainment partnership with TreImage, as Master P would say, “There is No Limit”  to what this dynamic duo can do for the brands they represent.

Charles Singleton 

CEO / Chief Executive Officer  

TreImage LLC


[email protected]