21 year-old Atlanta native Tristan began playing drums at the age of 8, and by the end of high school had already dived head first into producing and recording. After dropping out of college and moving to Los Angeles in August 2021, he has found himself in situations he used to only dream of. He’s currently the tour drummer for BabyJake, actively learning from established producers, and performing his own shows, all the while rapidly carving a space for himself in the industry.

After the release of his first three well-received singles “She”, “Bring You”, and “The City”, Tristan is now releasing his debut EP, Nomad. From the start of the project, opener “She introduces what makes him special as a songwriter- sharply-crafted, evocative melodies, and atmospheric, focused instrumentation that neatly blend influences from an eclectic mixture of genres. “Bring You” is wistful and evocative, while presenting an undercurrent of excitement and anticipation that underpins this EP. Songs like “The City” and “Reckless” present more hard-hitting offerings that showcase his versatility, bringing in heavier, powerful sonics that draw from hip-hop, rock, and more. Closing tracks “Tide” and “Tape” bring the ambiance back in with expansive, layered instrumentation and memorable vocals. A refreshing, engaging release overall, Nomad makes for a diverse and emotionally resonant project.

Make sure you check out Tristan’s new EP “Nomad” now and follow him on social media for his latest releases. He is one of the most promising upcoming artists to watch in 2022!

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