Former President Donald Trump has announced his endorsement of Jerrod Sessler, a primary challenger to Representative Dan Newhouse of Washington. Newhouse is one of the few remaining House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump following the events of January 6, 2021. Trump’s support for Sessler was made public through a post on Truth Social, where he praised Sessler’s potential as a congressman for Washington State’s 4th Congressional District. This endorsement marks the second attempt by Trump to influence the ousting of Newhouse, who has been in Congress since 2015 and survived a similar challenge in 2022 due to Washington’s top-two all-party primary system.

Response and Political Implications

The endorsement comes as part of a broader pattern where Trump has sought to challenge GOP incumbents who supported his impeachment. Out of the ten House Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment in 2021, most have either retired or were defeated in subsequent elections. Unlike Rep. Dan Newhouse, Rep. David Valadao of California, the other remaining Republican who voted for impeachment, has not faced an endorsement of a challenger by Trump. Sessler, endorsed by figures like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, has been vocal in his criticism of Newhouse, accusing him of betrayal over the impeachment vote. This political dynamic underscores the ongoing divisions within the Republican Party and the significant influence Trump continues to wield in selecting its candidates.