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Tullia Ferraro: Rising Star Making Waves in the Film Industry



Tullia Ferraro’s Career and Achievements

The movie industry is full of talented and amazing individuals. Tullia Ferraro is a perfect example. She is a driven, talented, and highly focused actress. It is no wonder she is receiving roles in various films. The up-and-coming actress is continually getting attention. She is in different projects and more are yet to come. However, what exactly are her lead roles so far? How did they perform? Did Tullia aid in the success of these movies? Please come along as we dive deep into Tullia Ferraro as an individual, her achievements, her most recent contributions to projects as well as her acting career in general.

Tullia’s Lead Roles

Watching Tullia Ferraro as a lead actress is like looking up to your role model, especially if you are considering joining this space. Interestingly, the majority of productions in which she is the lead role have been selected at film festivals. 

Notably, having a film in such a selection is an achievement. The good thing is, an artist’s performance can take a movie to a whole new level. Thus, the selection of films is largely attributed to Tullia Ferraro’s remarkable and outstanding performance. How? Let us find out.

 The following is a list of different productions she is in, and in which film festivals they were selected and participated;

Family Oriented; Quarter Finalist Helsingborg Film Festival 

Tullia is the main character in this 2019 short film directed by Carlee Wyman. Family Oriented is majorly about the struggles and challenges families face. Tullia’s outstanding performance can’t go unnoticed. She is a main character who strives to find love and soon finds out the journey isn’t easy.

Tullia undergoes an array of emotions; from love to anger. Her shift from a funny tone at the beginning of the film, to a more dramatic character at the end, is quite impressive. The good thing is how great she skillfully and effortlessly plays her role as required. Watching this actress bring her character to life, making it as real and relatable as possible makes you want to keep watching her great works.

Therefore, Tullia is a major contributor to the nomination of Family Oriented as a Quarter Finalist for the Helsingborg Film Festival. She was the main character with great control over her voice and she executed her role perfectly, bringing to the film an extra touch of fun.

The Trip; Kino Film Festival 2023

The list of short films Tullia has been a part of keeps growing. The Trip is one of those that give viewers a glimpse of what it means to be so talented and in love with your career as Tullia does. 

Well, it seems like whatever short film this up-and-coming actress, Tullia Ferraro becomes a part of, gets the recognition and success it deserves. After all, when you have such a talented actress with a role in your film, you can expect nothing but greatness. 

The Trip is about two best friends, Tullia and Ayanda, working towards achieving their career and academic goals. However, their friendship falls apart, and the two have reasons not to be together anymore. Thankfully, the two work out things after reflecting and realizing they need each other. How relatable! After you watch how events unfold in this short film, you will be moved to protect the friendships you have.

Once again, we give Ferraro her flowers. She played her role well to get this short film participating in the Kino Festival in the course of this year. Watching her character in this short film is exciting.

Frenemies; Short Shot Film Festival

This short film was shot in 2021 and was directed by Magdalene Morton. It takes through various emotions. Tullia Ferraro takes the role of Maria who is dealing with her parent’s divorce. Others may see the character as free-spirited while some may consider her irresponsible. Maria is best friends with Nadi, who is focused on her professional life, without striking a balance with the other parts of her life.

This short film got nominated for the Short Shot Film Festival. This was beneficial to the whole group, who made it a success, thanks to their joint efforts. However, we cannot fail to mention how well Tullia took up her role as an individual to aid in the film’s good performance.

Gone; Finalist in the Film Boxe International Monthly Film Festival

This short film is directed by Gabriela Weber. It presents some of the most real and saddest moments life can throw at you. Furthermore, the decision of having Tullia Ferraro on board as part of the cast list sums up everything.

This educative project will get you emotionally attached to the actors. Interestingly, as a viewer, you don’t find the lack of words in the short film absurd. On the contrary, you get to connect with the characters as they struggle with love and distance themselves. Tullia portrays the different stages in relationships without words. Notably, the art in this short film was carefully chosen.

As you may already know, Tullia doesn’t disappoint when chosen as a cast member of a short film. Gone made it to be a finalist in the Film Boxe International Monthly Festival.


Tullia Ferraro has had a great share in numerous short films, among other projects. They show how much of a talented and determined actress Tullia is. Confess, a short film, directed by Carlee Wyman, isn’t left behind in showing Tullia’s performance. What is it about?

The story in Confess revolves around a couple in a dining room. Tullia Ferraro, the wife, serves her husband dinner. After sitting along with him, she takes a deep breath before saying she wants a divorce. The husband doesn’t seem to be bothered at all. Tullia keeps on confessing what’s troubling her. Notably, the husband never utters a word the entire time. It’s not until he gestures in sign language asking his wife if she is okay. It is at this point the husband’s deafness is revealed. Thankfully, Tullia’s character loves the husband.

Just like the other short film, we are very sure that Tullia gave her best shot and version in her performance of this short film.


We can’t talk about Ferraro’s performances and leave this original play, one of her recent projects, behind. Parliament was written and directed by Max Zumstein. The play began on April 23rd to May 7th and ran every weekend at the Whitmore Theatre in North Hollywood. As expected, it did well too, showing how much potential Tullia Ferraro has. The up-and-coming actress played the role of Apex Zenith.

This original play was a milestone in Tullia’s acting career. However, what is the story about? It screamed caution, decorum, order, and economic responsibility. The backstory is about an imperially appointed assembly that has dominated since 670 BCE. The 13 members meet and engage in discussions, debates, and decision-making on matters that change the course of human history.

Non Si Puo Morire Ballando; David Di Donatello Film Festival.

Tullia Ferraro gives her audience a touch of her greatness in this Italian film written and directed by Andrea Castoldi. She is featured as a co-star in this film as she takes on the role of Sandra Carbone. Additionally, she played her role well to the point the movie participated in the David Di Donatello Film Festival.

If you have known Tullia for quite some time now, you know that this is the movie that introduced her to professional acting at the age of 18. How fantastic it is to see her acting journey to this point! The good news is, we can expect more from her and from what she has already proved, she loves acting and will deliver as required.

 Notably, there is some great news for Tullia’s fans. The film is now available on Amazon Prime and Chili. Therefore, ensure you are updated so you don’t miss out on this. 

More and More Projects

Having seen Ferraro play roles in different projects, you no doubt want to see more of her. Other than the above-mentioned films which got selected for various film festivals, the talented actress is featured in different projects. Nonetheless, you can expect to see her amazing performance in other upcoming movies. Below are some of these;


Tullia Ferraro has a lead role in this film produced by Cineplex Studios. You can expect to catch her performance in this web series on Cineplex+. In this series she interprets multiple characters – different yet identical clones from a different planet. Her portrayal of different characters, with different personalities, all in the same project, really highlights Tullia’s strengths and skills.

Pacific Breeze

This is another web series where Tullia has a lead role. Catch all the talent in Pacific Breeze on Cineplex+. You don’t want to miss out on what Ferraro has in store for you. In this show, Tullia portrays a Secret Service agent who works hard to sustain and protect the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement in the small town of Pacific Breeze. A new character with new and exciting facets through which Tullia is able to inspire and amaze the audience.

Actors Anonymous Hotline

This is an exciting and engaging web series, courtesy of Hillary Hawkins. The show allows viewers to connect and relate to the day-to-day lives of actors and actresses in the film industry. Very talented artists grace this show, and many viewers get inspiration from their favorite mentors as they discuss what they have gone through in the industry to get to where they are.

If you are a fan of Hillary Hawkins, you no doubt wait for the new seasons of her show. What’s more, you probably look forward to seeing new energy in the show. Well, Tullia Ferraro is the new character to watch out for in the upcoming seasons. Just like the previous actors and actresses who have been in the show, expect to see the talented actress give her best when exploring her personality, leave a mark and keep the thrill of Hillary’s show.

The Kindred Vampire Tales

This series is a must-watch for you if you love bloody binges. It is a short-film series produced by the Kindred Vision Production team. If you want to get the chaotic, frightening, and mysterious vibes of a vampire series, this is the place to be.

Importantly, we expect the upcoming season of The Kindred Vampire Tales to be as great, if not better and bigger than the previous one. Additionally, be ready to see some changes in the upcoming season. If you hadn’t already guessed, Tullia Ferraro is a new face to look forward to in the next episodes of The Kindred Vampire Tales. What spooky character will she get? Well, stay tuned to find out.

The Talented Actress

Tullia Ferraro is a talented artist. Acting has been a major art of the artist’s life. The Italian-born actress took a 2-year acting program at the Caremoil Studio Academy in Milan. Other than graduating from the academy, Tullia got trained by the best professionals in her acting career. For example, she has been trained by Director Andrea Castoldi, Ermana Mandelli, and the award-winning actress Sara Ricci. 

Furthermore, Tullia is a graduate of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. She obtained a BFA in Acting for film. Michael Laibson and George McGrath are other acclaimed award winners who trained her. 

Tullia is a multi-talented artist who enjoys theatre and film. What do you expect from such an actress? At this point, you may already be smitten and awed by how far she has come. Thus, if you consider her your role model, we understand.

Tullia Ferraro is the definition of loving what you do and seeing the results. This, therefore, means that whoever has an acting dream shouldn’t just let it get eroded. On the contrary, get connected with the experienced actors and actresses in this industry. The good thing is, you can never go wrong with following the steps of talented actresses like Tullia Ferraro.


Tullia Ferraro has the drive, enthusiasm, and energy you are looking out for in a character. It is no wonder she keeps receiving requests to be a part of the cast members in different films. Seeing her shine in the films she has been a part of is a clear indication that she loves what she does. As we all know, when you are passionate about something, you give it your all and want to see it succeed. This is no different with this Italian-born actress. As her viewer, you can look forward to seeing more of Tullia’s performances. This talent is what the entertainment industry requires.