Through its incentives, DECENTRELON, the leader of the Decentralization movement, encourages Twitter’s 400 million users to participate in the campaign for decentralization.

In the same way as the Founding Fathers, Bitcoin was developed as a financial technology to achieve liberation and economic growth. Humanity may be able to enjoy a future free of institutions that want to control user development due to cryptography. To achieve this goal of securing a brighter and more vital future for humanity, DECENTRELON will employ technology, which is under threat due to the current acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk.

For this reason,DECENTRELON is initiating the largest airdrop claim ever in crypto on July 4th, which is a movement to ensure Twitter’s decentralization.  The Decentrelon movement seeks to build a digitally independent, user owned internet with the goal of buying or improving upon Twitter. The main objective is to create a community in which power is decentralized and people are free. 

“Revolutionary. We are literally launching the new era of freedom from internet taxes, at the same time that we are taxed 100% without representation,” said Jack Jay, Founder of the initiative.

As well as a voting system, DECENTRELON is a crypto wallet that enables users to store, exchange, send and receive cryptocurrencies from multiple blockchains for less than half the cost of other leading crypto wallets. The founder explained, “ We are the first crypto wallet and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to implement a voting system directly into the wallet.

You can manage the community treasury with your $FreeBird tokens, which go directly to the fee proceeds. DECENTRELON uses a polygon network to create a user-friendly application that can bring in more users than any other application currently available. This is an opportunity equivalent to bringing users onto the internet for the first time. There is a strong support for DECENTRELON from Graham Novak [Founder of Constitution DAO], Polygon Studios, 99 Ventures, and SuperDAO. 

DECENTRELON can create a platform that truly benefits its users because it is a community-owned platform. Collectively, they can vote for continued rewards, premium Direct Messages, a NFT marketplace, transparent algorithms, and the end of manipulation. A future in which the community will decide and be rewarded for the decisions they make will be envisioned by everyone.

Each Twitter user will be entitled to an allocation of $FreeBird tokens, which act as voting rights in the future decentralization of Twitter or the creation of a better one. Decentrelon is developing an iOS and Google Play app with a voting system, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet, where users can store, buy, sell, send, swap, and receive digital currencies across multiple blockchains. All fee proceeds will go directly to the community trust fund, which is controlled by the DAO, and swapping fees for the app will be less than half that of the leading crypto wallets.

Jay explained, “ As a founder, I care deeply about the human race and think the greatest way to impact the world is making our social media platforms more adapted to make human lives better. “

To get involved in the largest Airdrop taking place on July 4th, users can claim future votes by visiting Countdown and Telegram.

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