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Two Things That Help Bobby Jones Further His Career As A Real Estate Entrepreneur



Life offers a lot of opportunities for people to grow into better versions of themselves whether in their career or personality. The only thing they have to do is to seize the chance and allow themselves to be motivated to achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves. 

For real estate entrepreneur Bobby Jones, the two things in life that motivate him are his purpose and calling in his life. 

“Iʼm passionate about winning in life. Iʼve never let anything beat me and I accomplish everything I set out to in the end,” he said. 

His Purpose In Life 

Bobby is an expert in real estate with 20 years of experience as a real estate entrepreneur. He has also currently works with Exp and the 10x Estates team with Elena Cardone. 

He invests in multifamily assets throughout the country and particularly the southeast. Bobby also owns Yellow Hammer Properties, Inc., a high-end fix and flip company in Alabama. 

As a married man with three sons, Bobby’s motivation is his purpose and calling in life and his family. The purpose that drives him to pursue his career in real estate is to create generational wealth for his family and to lead others to do the same while being able to live out his purpose and calling.

Presently, Bobby’s goal is to build an empire with Exp and 10x Estates as well as to build an empire in multifamily assets.

“We are a part of one the fastest-growing companies in the world with Exp and the 10x Estates team is rapidly becoming the strongest agent attraction team within the company,” he said. 

It also helps that he has the tenacity and the determination of outworking the competition. He says he is extremely blessed to be able to leverage the credibility and success of the upline that he’s a part of. 

His Calling To Help Others 

Besides being a real estate entrepreneur, Bobby is also an author who recently co-wrote “The Kingdom Mind” with other best-selling authors. He notes that his calling in life aside from being in real estate is to continue to write books, speak to audiences, and lead others by Biblical principles.

As a God-fearing man, Bobby has made it his calling in life to lead people down the right path to help them make the most out of their lives and to also live out their purpose and calling. 

“I have always been a leader and I am blessed to help lead groups in one of the largest church organizations in the United States–Church of the Highlands,” he said. 

Listening to his calling and purpose in life has helped Bobby create a clear path for his future and allowed him to achieve the goals that he has in life as well as the people around him. 

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