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Ty Devinci Is The Next Independent Artist To Look Out For



Independent artist Ty Devinci is an American singer-songwriter from Miami-Dade County, Florida. In the early 2000s, Ty’s life changed when he got his first gig ghostwriting songs for local artists.

From someone who has seen a real struggle to survive, Ty has turned his life around and is inspirational for young artists to dream big. As a young teen, Ty remembers not having too much of a childhood or life, moving from south Florida to Stockton California he and his family became homeless. They went back to Miami, and their close relatives adopted his siblings.

Ty did not get lucky as he could not go on and stay with their relatives. At 12, Ty left to fend for himself, doing odd jobs to make ends meet while still going to school. He attended the school chorus and band performances, where his love for music was born.

Ty was a blessed artist wanting to sing and record but could not afford the equipment to do so. He started to do tattoos and build a life for himself, finally able to buy the equipment he needed to record. Being an independent artist, he would use platforms like YouTube or Datpiff to release his music.

After a while, Ty met Producer Christopher Swain Aka (MakeitBang305). After working together just a few times, Makeitbang305 was able to get some of Ty’s songs sold to some local artists. Being signed to True king entertainment & being affiliated with other labels, Ty realized he was not making any progress.

So, he bought his way out of the deal and became an independent singer-songwriter working directly with artists ghostwriting for them, or selling music from his private collection of unreleased music.

Ty would also record other artists in the Miami area with his team of writers and producers in their Miami-based recording studio. Recording artists such as Trick Daddy, Mike Smiff, M1 hound, Tj money, and Koly P, he and his team also host writing camps and frequently attend local events to perform and network with other Miami music professionals.

His latest release, Club Vibez, produced by Makeitbang305 & Neri boi, has proved to be a massive success featuring Southern hip-hop artist Mike Smiff of Slip N Slide records. The song is streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Ty Decinci is looking ahead to release more singles and keep performing, building a promising career.

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