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TyMookTana: Is He Next Up?



Tyree Watson better know as TyMookTana is an on the rise musical artist from Chicago, Illinois. He has been creating music now for well over 3 years and is seeing much success in his later years. All of his releases are produced and engineered by him alone. That takes a lot of skill and focus. He knocks it out with a breeze. “Thoughts Be Gone” was his latest project which released on all platforms in October. He already is surpassing 15,000 streams on that project currently. His new album sets to drop this month on the 28th. The album is titled “MookDawg”. This project shows his diversity and will be a treat for his fans. His sound is like no other. This makes his music very appealing. His musical influences include Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, NWA and many other greats, but this is his year. Its time for the name TyMookTana to be a household name.

TyMookTana has an unorthodox and timeless style when creating his music. The fact that he can cater to all genres is a plus. He can relate to all types of listeners and do it rather easily. All of his songs tell his own personal story or just a message that he puts in for his listeners. TyMookTana wants nothing more than for his music to be heard nationally and internationally. The raw power of music is something he speaks very highly on. The power of sound. How each listener can feel a vibration and it alters a persons energy is very intriguing when creating music. TyMookTana will continue creating and channeling his own vibrations through his craft.

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