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U’Kno: Highly Anticipated Project “I Just Want To Talk” Is Out Now



International Music recording artist, songwriter and high fashion model “U’KNO tha Don”, born as Jermaine Modeste was born in Trinidad & Tobago. Of his siblings Jermaine was the only child to be completely in the USA.  His family made their home in the neighborhood of Crown Heights in  Brooklyn, NYC.  With U’KNO’s rich life experiences, constant surroundings of beauty and creativity Jermaine Modeste was bound for success.  Even though he had his fair share of high schools, he was able to get a taste of Art and Design which sparked his creative All of these things have helped mold him into the unique, multi-talented artist you see today. With his natural talent, yes and ear for music, and sense of fashion there is no doubt that “Ukno Tha Don “ wil be streaming on the billboards and the billboard charts in no time! using, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggae to create his unique, refreshing sound. Ukno sees himself as a positive person who seek to send motivational messages and inspiration through his musical platform

Over the past few year Ukno has had the opportunity to work with quite a few recording artist; Mario, Lloyd, Ravon, Nash, Usher,Screcchy Don, Champion Pizza, Roscato Wine, Defend Brookkyn and Shawn Price. He has been featured on BET, sirus Radio, VH1 and several other radio stations.  Through his modeling he has had the opportunity to work with Defend Brooklyn clothing, Soldi Sporchi and Spike Lee.   Gonzalez Model and Talent Management, Crystal Ship Artist and Literary Agency, EMG MODELS, Smart Model/LA, Jan Alert Model Management, Flaunt, and Deco/Miami. Still early in his career, we hope to see Jermaine “Ukno Tha Don “Modeste on a billboard near you, Fashion or Music U’KNO is ready to share his many talents with the world  – its needless to say U’KNO tha Don’s future shines brighter by the minute. 

U’Kno has a new project that has just been released titled “I Just Want To Talk”. During this pandemic he has not slowed down one bit, but has embraced the challenges and has kept progressing. I just want to talk is U’Kno’s thoughts and perception on life. As U’Kno continues to tell the world and his therapist his point of view. The world think he is delusional. Throughout the song you can feel U’Kno passion and war cry. As U’Kno continues to intensely speak life you can feel the words within his story. The question still remains is I Just Want To Talk a movement or just a thought. As we continue to follow the movement of U’Kno Tha Don and his message we are definitely dialed in. Now That you have our full attention what are you going to do with it?

available now on all stream platform
Videographers MeetTheConnectTvLabel Mylife EntertainmentArtist U’Kno Tha Don @uknothadoncreative director @lacrownthemodel

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