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Up and coming pop artist Niño Brown has just released 2 separate tracks back to back. “Not the Same” on New Years Eve and “Hear and Now” on New Year’s Day. Both songs demonstrate a wide range of versatility and rest comfortably at opposite ends of the hip-hop spectrum. According to the artist both songs were a stretch for him as each song etched him a little further out of his comfort zone. ” My intention in starting this project earlier this year was to touch on experiences I Have been through and never felt comfortable exposing in my music, to take off my mask and show the world who I really am”, offers Niño.

No stranger to controversy Nińo Brown has no intentions  to send the community up in arms but there is a great deal of trepidation for any artist when being so open and honest especially when exploring new artistic endeavors. “It’s a small town and to an extent everyone knows each other so It can be a little over whelming”, said Brown. An Atlanta native, Niño recalls his early life running the streets and hanging with the wrong crowd. “I never wanted to be home or live a normal life, I fully bought into the street hustling mentality from an early age and made a lot of bad decisions as a result”, says Brown. Past transgressions aside, Niño serves up a slice of authenticity with a slice of clever wordplay and delivery that’s never sounds reheated.

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