At just 17 years old, Yanran Chen (Chloe) is an incredibly talented illustrator with a unique style inspired by horror comics, dreams, humanity, and time. She manages both Instagram and Twitter accounts where she showcases her exquisite illustrations, as well as her incredible fashion outfits. In addition to her art, Chen also aspires to fashion blogging and modeling unique styles on her Instagram page. She has been featured in notable fashion magazines like Wonderland and has worked with luxury brands like Balenciaga.

Chen’s fashion style is simple yet chic. She often wears casual ensembles like Reglan-sleeved shirts and miniskirts over knee-high boots, which are comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. She also has a knack for creating simple, stylish outfits, such as long button-down coats and pants.

Her fashion sense is all about understated elegance and class. She has designed T-shirts with some of her illustrations on them, and her outfits are perfect for those who prefer a more subdued, sophisticated aesthetic. With a keen eye for artistry, she has shown a delicate taste for casual yet outstanding outfits.

Chen’s drawings have an otherworldly quality that may initially seem frightening, but a closer examination reveals the underlying themes of life, art, and mysticism. These elements are central to her work, and they give her illustrations a unique and captivating aura.

Many artists seek to represent physicality or reality in their work, but Chen’s illustrations dare to go beyond the conventional and invent their reality. In an interview with Bazaar, she revealed that she sometimes feels the need to “unplug” from the outside world to feel safe. This desire to escape from reality has allowed her to create mystical worlds in her art where life, art, and the mysterious coexist in perfect harmony.

Chen’s illustration ‘Swallow It’ addresses the difficult truths of coming of age and growing up. It shows a one-eyed girl holding a mysterious substance in her hands. In the next frame, the girl has grown a second eye and the ability to speak, and she declares that she likes the taste of the substance. Despite the tears on her face, she insists on lying and claiming to love something that causes her pain. The illustration is highly symbolic and delves into the complexities of growth and existence.

The “wip” piece on Chen’s Instagram explores the intersection of the human and the mysterious. The recurring figure of a young girl holding a butter knife and fork is set against elemental structures like trees, which take on an otherworldly quality. The trees are a radiant green with streaks of lighter green, and their posture is unusual and claw-like. Chen’s illustrations are unique in their ability to blend the real and the unreal, the mundane and the mysterious.

Chen’s talent is undeniable. At just 17 years old, she has already produced illustrations that showcase her creativity and potential. As she navigates the challenges of the real world, she also seeks to create a safe and harmonious world in her art, where the mystical and the ordinary coexist. Her talent is a promising sign of what she may achieve in the future.

In her “Wednesday Sketch” on Instagram, Chen brings to life the world of the mystic. The real-life doll is surrounded by rings of snakes and other fantastical creatures, creating the appearance of a transcendental universe where the lifeless come to life and the dead remain undying. 

Overall, Chen’s illustrations are unconventional and raise difficult questions about the foundations of existence, growth, being, and humanity. Along with her art, Chen’s fashion sense is equally impressive, and she has aspirations towards fashion blogging.

To see more of Yanran Chen’s work, you can follow her on Instagram (@yanran_chen_) and Twitter (@chloeranran).