Are you feeling lost, confused, or stuck in life? Do you need guidance or clarity on a specific situation or decision? Look no further then Ashwini Solanki, the incredible young tarot card reader and soul healer who has helped several people find their way and unlock their true potential.

Through the power of the tarot, Ashwini Solanki can tap into the universal energy and offer deep insight and wisdom to those seeking guidance. Candle healings and spells are a popular form of spiritual practice that involve using candles as a way to focus intention and manifest desired outcomes. Many tarot card readers incorporate candle magic into their readings, and Ashwini Solanki is one such example. Solanki is a skilled tarot card reader who also practices candle magic, helping her clients to connect with their own inner power and manifest their goals. Through her guidance and use of candles, Solanki is able to tap into the energy of her clients and create a space of healing and transformation. Her approach combines traditional tarot reading with the power of candle magic, resulting in a unique and effective form of spiritual practice.

Whether you’re struggling with a career decision, a relationship issue, or just feeling unsure about your path in life, Ashwini’s intuitive readings can shed light on your situation and help you make the right choices. Her compassionate and empathetic approach creates a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your feelings and gain clarity and direction. Don’t let doubt or uncertainty hold you back any longer – book a session with Ashwini today and unlock your true potential!


Ashwini Solanki, the renowned tarot card reader, has been helping people find direction and clarity in their lives for years. Now, through her YouTube channel, she is sharing her knowledge and insight with an even wider audience by offering daily horoscopes. By tuning in to her channel each day, viewers can gain valuable insights into the astrological influences that may be impacting their lives.

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But Ashwini’s daily horoscopes go beyond just sharing predictions for the day ahead. She uses her intuitive gifts and deep understanding of astrology to provide personalized guidance and advice for each sign. Her readings are filled with wisdom and compassion, helping viewers navigate through challenges and make the most of opportunities that come their way.

Through her daily horoscopes, Ashwini is able to reach and help people all over the world. Her empowering messages and practical advice provide a sense of clarity and purpose, helping viewers live their lives to the fullest. So if you’re looking for a daily dose of inspiration and guidance, be sure to check out Ashwini’s YouTube channel and see how her horoscopes can help you unlock your true potential.

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From selling crystals to healing souls, get ready to be blown away by the multi-talented tarot card reader Ashwini Solanki, the aspiring artist who is taking the world by storm! Not only is she a B.Tech graduate in Computer Engineering, but she’s also a published writer and author of the thrilling book, “Revenge,” available now on Amazon. Ashwini’s writing journey began with an anthology publication, “Aarambh 3.0,” and quickly skyrocketed as she realized her potential and published her own book. But that’s not all – Ashwini is also preparing to become an IAS officer through the Civil Service Examination.

When she’s not busy pursuing her dreams, Ashwini loves immersing herself in suspense and thriller movies, with a particular love for Sherlock Holmes stories. She’s also a fan of coloring, crossword puzzles, and quizzes. As an introverted person, she spends most of her free time watching informative videos on YouTube or browsing the latest fashion trends online. And with her unstoppable drive and determination, she’s not just aiming to become a successful writer, but also a thriving entrepreneur.

So keep your eyes peeled, because Ashwini Solanki is a force to be reckoned with and is well on her way to making a name for herself in the world of literature and beyond.


  1. The Golden Arc Award as 50 rising entrepreneurs of the year
  2. The Queen Award by the Eagle Eye Network as Top Inspiring Women of India
  3. Best Author of the year by Indian Pride Awards
  4. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman
  5. Nominated for The Author of the Year Award by The 2 am Thoughts
  6. Participated in anthologies Aarambh 3.0
  7. Participated in International level writing contest Aarambh 4.0 by The 2 am Thoughts
  8. Got media features in The Midday India, the ED Times, The Zee5 app, Foxinterviewer website, PunjabMetro, TheDailybeat website etc
  9. Got featured in the Eagle Eye Magazine as Top Inspiring Women Of India.
  10. Got featured in the magazine “Aspiring Achievers” as “The Unstoppable Achievers”
  11. Got the award by Priya’s Wisdom Publication as The Unstoppable Achiever.