In “Hell Hath No Fury”, the captivating performances of Miles Crawford, Sharlene Radlein, and Brooke Butler come to life on the screen. However, it is Director of Photography Nick Ramsey that brings this world to fruition from behind the camera.

“Nick Ramsey and I embarked on a mesmerizing journey. His contributions played an instrumental role in transforming my vision into a reality. On set, Nick became my guiding light, my trusted confidant, and my ultimate problem-solver. I can gladly say that Nick Ramsey is one of the most remarkable cinematographers I have worked with.”- Dir. Rustam Vekilov

Nick Ramsey lives by the motto, “If it’s not worth doing your best, it’s not worth doing at all.” With a go-big-or-go-home mentality, he brings an invaluable attitude and ambition to Hell Hath No Fury. He credits the collaboration with Panavision with the ability to achieve the distinct look of Hell Hath No Fury.

“We wanted Dr A’s world to be dark and dreamy, like something from film noir. It’s hard for him to know what’s real and we wanted the audience to feel that too. We were able to push that look even further because Panavision stepped up and gave us access that wouldnt have been possible without them” – Nick Ramsey

Starting as a production assistant on local car spots, he quickly progressed to operating cameras for Discovery’s captivating murder shows. Recognizing his potential, Nick received a scholarship for the MFA filmmaking program at Chapman University, where he learned the art of storytelling from esteemed masters such as Bill Dill, ASC, and Johnny Jensen, ASC. His hard work and collaboration on various projects earned him recognition from institutions like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and The American Society of Cinematographers.

On set for Hell Hath No Fury, Nick fostered an open and engaging environment, believing that collaboration brings out the best in a project. While he values extensive pre-production and planning, he remains open to seizing visual opportunities in the moment.

“The style though, really comes from the lighting department. Nick worked closely with Gaffer Tommy Oceanak and Key Grip Andrew Soltay to creatively overcome budget and time constraints and push the look of the film.” – Nick Ramsey

Driven by unwavering dedication, artistic vision, and an indomitable spirit, Nick Ramsey continues to make his mark in the world of filmmaking. With each project, he captivates audiences and pushes the boundaries of storytelling, solidifying his position as a true talent in the industry.

Currently in Post-Production, “Hell Hath No Fury” will release later this year.

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