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Upcoming Artist Rambo Wit Da Melody Plans On Putting Minnesota On The Map



Upcoming artist “Rambo Wit The Melody” has been making a lot of noise lately with his catchy tunes & raw lyrics. We got the chance to connect with Rambo & ask him a few questions about his journey so far.

Tell us a little about yourself!

“I’m a 24 year old artist out of Minnesota . I grew up in Saint Paul on the east side of town with just my mom and 5 siblings. We struggled a lot growing up. My mom did her best to make sure that we didn’t see the struggle, but threw her efforts I still knew we were struggling. I hung out on the east side off Payne or arcade a lot then something in me changed and I changed my surroundings. We were living section 8 and using Food stamps. I couldn’t always get what I wanted so I had to figure out a way to get money. I played basketball and thought it could be my way out but I had to quit because I needed to support myself. I worked at Walmart for four years. During those years I would always sing on Facebook, to my girlfriends, or sing around the house. I never thought I could be an artist until Lexii Alija stopped playing basketball and became an artist I then thought that I could do that too. She made it look easy, but it wasn’t it takes a lot to be able to articulate your message with cadence. She really inspired me to do music. I started just doing cover videos on YouTube but I wasn’t consistent. I dropped a song or two but I couldn’t focus on it and school and working almost 40 hours a week so it got pushed on the back burner. I shouldn’t have stopped but things happen how they happen. A lot of my child hood friends started dying and my grand died in our house and I was having a hard time alone. I wanted to talk about it and get it off my chest so I started writing music again. It was for me to get over the things I was going through. I would listen to Lexi and try to mimick her word play she was smooth wit it lol but I couldn’t get it right away and it deterred me. That’s when I just started making music that sound good, melodies, I could always hear a million melodies in my head”

If you were to choose 3 producers to collaborate a song with who would it be & why?

“Even though I don’t have a Kanye sound I would work with him because he’s got a different mind. My teachers have always told me I have a mind of my own. I think very abstract & way beyond the surface. I would also work with Metro Boomin he definitely has the industry on lock. His beats are crazy and most of his shit is a guaranteed hit. That means he knows what it takes for a song to blow up”.

Describe your sound!

“I would say I have a trap sound but I made my own genre called melodic trap just because I’m not so much focused on the BARS, but more of what the music sound like.”

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“In the next 5 years I see myself doing music full time, i’m sure I can become a mainstream artist. I also am an accountant so I’m sure I’ll have a side business. You never know I could be an accountant at a record label, as long as I’m in the music I’ll be good.”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future?

“I’m shooting a video to Betrayed my new song that will be dropping Sept 25th, also dropping an EP called Book of songs that’s probably going to be around 5 songs with videos coming with a few of them. One of the Features right now include my mans Muddbaby.”

Make sure to stayed tuned in with “Rambo” by following his social media & checking out his music links all linked below!

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