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Upcoming Nashville Artist KeySoCold Is On His Way To Breaking Into The Industry In 2022



Born in Cleveland, Ohio on March 7th 2001, rising artist “KeySoCold” has now turned Nashville, Tennessee into his home due to moving there when he was only 4 years old. With his dad on the road as a country music artist it really opened doors for him at a young age to the music scene. All throughout school he was in sports, school clubs, etc. but never had tried music. Music was something that has always interested him but he was always afraid it wasn’t for him, due to him being picked on and treated wrong in his high school days from his fellow class mates. In 2019 Key decided he was gonna start a Youtube channel called “DkDigitals”. With that he moved onto making music in early 2020 & was know known as “KeySoCold”. Now Key is locked in working on his debut album, we got the chance to connect with him & ask him a few questions about his come up so far.

What made you start taking music seriously & why?

“The reason I started to pursue my music dreams was all because of my friends, I sat down with one of my homies Austin one day and told him I didn’t think music was for me. Once I said that he gave me the best advice ever, all he told me was to drop a song and see what it does for you. Now i’ll never put down a pen & pad, music has saved me. I give a huge thank you to my close close friends for always supporting me”.

How would you describe your sound?

“My sound is unique in a way I can incorporate hidden messages from other artist into my music that I found in music videos, interviews, etc. I have a very diverse voice when it comes to vocal range as well you won’t hear me singing like Chris Brown you can guarantee some MGK, Iann Dior vibes.”

Describe The Nashville Music Scene?

“The Nashville music scene is honestly the safest, why I say that is everyone here wants to work as one, where as Chicago, ATL, or LA everyone does their own thing to get themselves to the top. Here everyone here has the same goal, everyone here knows there’s worth here. I love all the artist in Nashville it is so much talent! blessed to be apart of the wave in the city!”

What are some of the things you do as a artist to help you learn the music business

“The biggest thing to help me understand the industry is literally just reach out to many artists, promoters, managers, or videographers & just let them know who I am & what I do! Here in Nashville everyone is so genuine I love it.”

If you could work with any 3 major producers in the game who would it be & why?

 “Nick Mira , Wheezy, and YE I mean come on 3 awesome producers with 3 completely different takes on music! If I ever got in the studio with YE I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing i’d just be thinking about the time dude told him take his hands off his face. Nick and Wheezy again are just such bosses at what they do and kill the game by the day major props!”

What are some things you have coming up in the near future we can expect from you?

“Definitely some big things coming up, my album is currently in process of being completed, I have a few upcoming Nashville shows and Kentucky shows lined up for 2022! Also I have interviews with some YouTubers & podcasts host to start out the year as well!” 

Be on the lookout for “KeySoCold” in 2022, if you want to keep up with his moves or check out his music be sure to click the links below.

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