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Vampire Apocalypse, Starring Donavon Warren, now in Pre-Production



Donavon Warren, founder of Loaded Dice Films and SEO services company Loaded Media, is making waves with the announcement that his upcoming vampire apocalypse movie, Vampire Apocalypse, has moved into pre-production. The film is set to start production in the near future and will be directed by and star the acclaimed director. 

Warren has already made a name for himself in the Hollywood scene with his previous work. His last project Wheels was well received by critics and currently carries a 8.1 rating on IMDB. With Vampire Apocalypse, Warren is taking things to another level by creating an ambitious project that will take place in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires reign supreme. 

The movie follows a group of survivors on an island as they travel to the mainland of this vampire infested world in order to perform a surgical procedure on a little girl who may be the last hope for human civilization. In order to make this movie come alive, Warren has assembled an all-star cast with actors from both Hollywood and abroad. With such an impressive cast comes high expectations, but Donavon Warren is confident he can deliver an innovative take on the vampire apocalypse genre.  

Hollywood has always been found of the immortal creatures, with such featured films as Twilight and Bram Stroker’s Dracula, which received top marks for buys and reviews. Warren’s interpretation will provide a new narrative, which is sure to spark interest. The harrowing ordeal is sure to bring fans a brand new cult classic which will be watched for generations.

Warren has also enlisted some of the top names in visual effects, cinematography and sound design in order to bring his vision to fruition. He’s also working closely with Loaded Media’s SEO services team to ensure that Vampire Apocalypse receives maximum visibility when it hits theaters later this year or early next year. 

Donavon Warren is making waves once again with his announcement that Vampire Apocalypse has moved into pre-production stage and will soon begin filming in earnest. The film promises to be one of the most ambitious projects ever attempted by Loaded Dice Films, and Loaded Media’s SEO services team will ensure that movie goers are aware of its release when it comes out later this year or early next year. Fans are already excited about what could possibly become one of this generation’s greatest films!  It looks like Donavon Warren is ready to deliver yet another masterpiece!

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