We sat down with Alec who’s winning at life and passing down his advice to others. From the Military to making his own clothing brand and battling with the mindset within. His story is extraordinary.

What got you to change your life?

I had been struggling with anxiety, depression, and chemical abuse issues from a very young age. I self-medicated with alcohol and narcotics. I regularly made horrible mistakes, but I always justified my actions, made excuses and blamed everyone but myself. When the switch was flipped in my head, my rock bottom was when a drunken rage got physical with my Mother and Father. That next morning I knew I had to make a change or id end up in jail, hurting someone or dead.

What steps can anyone take ?

That’s a difficult question. The individual needs to want to better themselves. No one can do that but you. Recognizing you have a problem is the first step. Then progress can be made. Never be scared to ask for help. You cant do it alone, nor should you.

What’s your passion?

Clothing, Music, Dogs, and speaking about mental health and substance abuse. I’m the CEO of the clothing brand Iron and Ink Fitness; being able to create a product and see people wearing them worldwide is such an incredible feeling. I tour manage for the Throw The Fight. Being on the road, shows every night, the crowd, the energy, its tough to beat those moments. My family started a nonprofit called Project Delta; we rescue shelter dogs and pair them with veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, or military sexual trauma and train them to be a service dog team. Seeing a veteran and dog get a second chance at life is truly a beautiful and heartwarming thing. I started speaking out about my anxiety, depression, and chemical abuse issues pretty early on into my sobriety, not having any idea I would get such an overwhelming response from people. I soon realized that this may be why I’m shockingly still alive after the things. I’ve done to myself. To give hope to show proof that you can change your life if you put the work. To help spread awareness and do my part to break the stigma of Mental Health.

How can others achieve similar goals?

Over the years, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 things I believe will help you succeed. 1, Have someone or Something to love (partner, family member, pet etc.) 2, Something to do with you time (Work, hobbies, projects, etc.) 3, Something to look forward to.

What projects are you working on?

I keep myself busy. There is always a new product for IIF in production. It’s a 24/7 job! So we have a lot of new products we’re working on that I’m super stoked about!

Learn more about Alec on his instagram.

Social media link Instagram- @alecrobinson_