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We Feature You Founder, Zachary Bernard on How His Firm Helps Companies Boost Their Visibility and Credibility



Having a strong digital presence online is crucial more than ever in this digital age. Companies are either crushing it online, providing value to potential customers, and being seen as experts in their industry or they’re left out and struggle to acquire inbound leads and clients coming to them for their expertise,

Zachary Bernard, Founder of We Feature You, a PR & Branding firm that specializes in helping clients increase their brand exposure and acquire a larger market share through being seen as industry leaders is dedicated to helping companies understand the value of having a strong online presence in this digital age. While the concept of PR is pretty broad, his firm focuses heavily on placement in top-tier media outlets like Forbes, Bloomberg, and Business Insider to help clients benefit from the credibility these names can bring to their branding.

“When it comes to PR, seems that a lot of companies are clueless about how PR impacts their sales cycle, revenue, personal/company branding, and the general growth of their business. The power of public relations is that you’re able to build yourself as a market leader by showcasing your expertise in these major media publications. When there’s the question of whether a potential customer goes with you or the company that has been featured in Forbes & Bloomberg many times, I’m sorry to say, that their choice is pretty clear. People want to work with experts, and if you can’t find a way to showcase that, you’ll struggle to keep up with the ones that do” Zachary mentioned.

On most occasions utilizing PR services won’t do you any good if it’s not leveraged within your marketing effectively. Being featured in major media outlets should be seen as a key part of your strategy to amplify your marketing efforts. Whether it’s utilizing it in your content strategy, your newsletter, investor decks, or others, it needs to be incorporated in your marketing to create an impact long-lasting.

Zachary Bernard is a Canadian entrepreneur and digital marketer. He’s also the founder and CEO of We Feature You, a public relations firm that serves the real estate space and other various industries. He empowers his company, other entrepreneurs, and major companies by equipping them with the strategy necessary to reach hundreds of thousands.


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