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West Coast Hip-Hop Artist Wes Cov Dru Announces His Album “Now or Never” Is Dropping Soon



The hip-hop world better make some room for the innovative music artist WesCovDru. The California native, will be dropping the album “Now or Never”, a highly anticipated release for 2022.  His wordplay, and tight west-coast rhyme schemes have earned him a reputation as a top Cali artist to keep an eye on.

Growing up WesCovDru had a difficult upbringing. His father had been incarcerated most of his life, leaving his older brother as a father figure. Tragically, his older brother passed away leaving WesCovDru with a bigger desire to pursue music while honoring his brother’s legacy. Rather than falling to the streets he decided to harness his struggle into music and lead by example. Jumping on the scene in 2016 he began writing bold and catchy tracks. Singles like “All Good”, “Actin Like” and his latest single “Only Want You” show off his clever lyrics and playful beats. Describing his sound as “unique yet widespread” he combines old school flare with new school influence. He draws inspiration from pioneers in the industry, but makes a sound all his own.

WeCovDru is an artist that isn’t afraid to experiment while expressing his passions through music. “Now or Never” the debut album for WesCovDru, set to release June 23rd on all streaming platforms. A roll out of visuals are set to follow the release, making this project a top pick for 2022. 

Keep up with WesCovDru on :

Instagram @WesCovDru & Youtube @WesCovDru !

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