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What Advice Pro Sports Agent Eddie Kim Has To Offer For Those Who Want To Follow In His Footsteps



Sports have always been a big part of Eddie Kim’s life. Growing up, he was a successful student-athlete who engaged in swimming particularly during his time in elementary school to high school and early college. 

And now, his career is still inclined with sports as he runs his management agency. Established in 2018, Big Game Management is a management agency that holds clients from a wide range of spectrum from sports to the entertainment industry. In a short amount of time, it has carried out tour management for global artists and represented and worked with many up-and-coming stars in the industry. Eddie is more than just a sports agent and is a former US Army Captain and Big Game Management is a certified Veteran-Owned Business. areare

Its clients come from all over the United States, along with professional basketball players, pro athletes, recording artists, and models who hail from Gambia, Brazil, Latvia, Estonia, Australia, Thailand, and all over Asia.

Valuing Experience 

Eddie’s commitment to excellence has put him in a position where he can best represent, guide, and mentor artists, entertainers, and athletes as they follow their dreams. And today, Eddie is the only Korean-American on the WNBPA agent list and is a certified FIBA and Major League Soccer agent. 

And because of the prestige that comes with the career he’s in, Eddie knows that there are others who aspire to follow in his footsteps. So for those who want to have a career in being a sports agent, Eddie stresses the importance of getting experience as early as possible. 

“My best advice is to maximize your time in college. Volunteer or work for the athletic department at your school in the sport you have an interest or passion for, and use your growing skills whether that be as media personnel, sports journalism, the school’s SID, social media manager, etc,” he said. 

He added that if you have the opportunity to intern for an agency at a young age, this will help build a network and connections as well as learn what it’s like to work for any agency department daily.  

Living Out His Dream 

“It was my dream since I was a child to own an entertainment agency and to become a pro sports agent. I was a fan of the HBO show “Entourage” when I was in college, which, even though it is a scripted television show, in a way, really gave me an in-depth look into what that life was like,” he said. 

Now, Eddie has made his dream come true with Big Game Management, an agency whose mission is to help, represent, guide, and advise individuals in their respective industries with honesty, dignity, and integrity.
Find out more about Eddie and Big Game Management on or Eddie Kim’s Linktree.

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