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What Are The  Different Type Of Banquet And Catering Management Systems?



The banquet services are usually provided for bigger parties where many food items and dishes are served. It comes on a large scale which expands the food catering business. If you are planning to hire a banquet and food catering service, it is very important to know about the type of banquet setups. Visiting an Italian Banquet Hall St Louis will help you know how to choose the right type of banquet per your requirement.

1.     Buffet

The first type of banquet is a buffet in which all the guests are served different types of dishes that are made with high quality and authentic taste. All the dishes are kept on a sideboard or table, which is pre-set.

Benefits of the buffet system

  • The ultimate benefit of the buffet system is that it is very easy to prepare food. In addition, it is easier as compared with plating and serving.
  • To accomplish the buffet system, the service staff doesn’t need to worry because everything is pre-served on the table. However, it is important to maintain cleanliness for managing the buffet system.
  • One of the most important things about a buffet system is food presentation.
  • It is very convenient to maintain the overall temperature of all the dishes.

Challenges faced in the buffet system

  • It is a little bit challenging to manage the buffet system because forecasting portions are hard to manage.
  • Chafing dishes and presenting food is quite difficult for managing the buffet system.
  • It is a very major issue in managing food safety.
  • Sometimes, carryover cooking becomes crucial in managing chafing dishes.

2.     Sit down banquet

In a sit-down banquet, pre-selected food is required, which is directly delivered to all the people. It is one of the most elegant types of buffet system in which the team itself manages everything.

Benefits of a sit-down banquet

  • All the guests will feel special while getting served by the waiters.
  • It is very easy to estimate a sit-down banquet.

Challenges faced in a sit-down banquet

  • It is a little bit time-consuming to present and prepare food.
  • Also, a service sequence is required in a sit-down banquet.
  • Large kitchens and equipment are also required here.

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Considering all these aspects, you can figure out the two main categories: buffet and sit-down banquet. All these types of banquets come with some benefits as well as challenges which we have discussed above.

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