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What Brooklyn Influencer Wvldo Did to Become Famous



Born in San Francisco, California, raised in Brooklyn, New York and of North African and Middle Eastern descent Walid Tarek Hamed, became famously known as Wvldo on social media. 

From an anonymous man on the streets of Brooklyn, he now has millions of views on YouTube, viral Instagram lives, hundreds of thousands plays on his music, and Worldstar content. He also gets to manage influencers and YouTubers. 

But how did he manage to do all this? 

The secret comes from an old adage that remains relevant up until today: treating time as something precious. 

“I learned to stop wasting time and get up and go make something of myself because nobody else will do it,” he said. 

Bettering His Craft 

Today, Wvldo is a social media influencer and YouTuber who began getting recognized around 2016 when multiple videos of his went viral on major platforms for skits and pranks. 

“I started my career making YouTube videos and going viral for skits, transitioned to Instagram and Tik Tok, [and I’ve been] recognized by Worldstar and famous celebrities,” Wvldo shared. 

He also started making music and released some songs that had a large number of listeners on SoundCloud. 

In the same year he became recognized for his comedy and creativity, Wvldo also released NEEDAT on SoundCloud which also went viral. 

Wvldo is now in the position of working with other celebrities to create new songs that he would like to share with the world. 

How does he do it? Simply by putting all his energy and creativity into his craft. His plan is to focus on what he does and find different ways to improve it each and every day. 

Now, he also hosts some of the most popular rooms on Clubhouse, a new app, and had the opportunity to welcome a lot of celebrities such as The Game, Toosie, Lil Mama, and more into these rooms. 

What Lies Ahead 

Currently, Wvldo manages content creators on YouTube with over five million subscribers. He has also amassed about 17,000 followers on Clubhouse in just a month, and even gets to share the stage with some famous personalities. 

Wvldo even released two singles that gained a lot of attention on SoundCloud. 

But what’s next in store for him? 

“[This] 2021, I’m focusing on music and going viral with my creativity with comedy on YouTube. I am focusing on more skits and staying creative with mixing comedy entertainment and music,” Wvldo said. 

Wvldo holds viral Instagram lives for comedy and entertainment purposes and was even posted for more than five times on Worldstar for skits and garnered millions of views. 
For a glimpse of what Wvldo does, check out his Instagram and TikTok accounts.


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